Dermatologists Say Using Seltzer Water Is the Secret to Brighter, Better Skin


Korean beauty trends are always ahead of the game. To no surprise, the U.S. just caught on to a fascinating sparkling water skin trend widely used in K-beauty that has us all thoroughly intrigued. Were you aware that washing your face with seltzer water has seriously amazing skin benefits? This dermatologist-backed fact was brought to our attention by Allure. TheВ under-the-radar use of seltzer water is starting to pick up major steam here in the states, and here's exactly why.В

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"Using carbonated water in beauty products, such as sheet masks and toners, has long been a trend in Japan and Korea," Charlotte Cho, the founder ofВ Soko Glam,В said in an interview withВ Cosmopolitan.В "This can involve DIY experiments at home using seltzer water in a bowl." Cosmopolitan points out that you can partake in this trend in several ways: apply a generous amount of sparkling water on your face, submerge your face in a tub of sparkling water, apply a towel soaked in sparkling water on your skin, and wash off your cleanser with sparkling water. We'll be trying out every option.В

DermatologistВ Roberta Del CampoВ told Allure that she's a "tried-and-true proponent of this trend" and even does it in her own skincare routine. At this point, you're probably wondering what exactly it does for your skin. Allure reports that Campo declares carbonated water amps up the bloodstream on your skin, which in turn creates an overall brighter, flushed, glowy complexion.

If you have sensitive skin, be sure to slowly work carbonated water into your routine though. Campo suggests using it along with a mild cleanser. "My recommendation is to use a gentle, soap-free cleanser that has a similar pH to our natural skin," Campo told Allure.

Ready to try out this sparkling water trend for sparkling skin? Same. We approve of the below gentle cleansers and makeup removers to use with carbonated water. They're full of good and healthy ingredients that won't be harmful to sensitive skin.В

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