It's Here: Your Beauty Horoscope for the Fall Equinox

With a degree in neuroscience and art history from UCLA,В Rose TheodoraВ is an expert when it comes to color therapy and astrology. Each month, she'll be sharing astrological insights for your sign, as well as the beauty products you should be using-consider these your personal beauty horoscopes.


The equinox signifies a change in light, where the day and night will equally share the sky. This also marks the significance of the sun entering the domain of Libra, a Venus-ruled sign, where the desire for beauty, peace of mind, and balance paves the way toward greater wholeness. However, in order to get there, we have to uncover all that is not harmonious or in alignment, and that takes work.

This September, two significant planets come out of hibernation, both having to do with skin. Saturn, Pluto, and the planet of beauty, Venus, will soon be retrograde from October 5 through November 16. Here's your beauty-scope skin guide for the equinox.

September 6: Saturn, the planet that represents the very structure of your life, including your bones and skin, woke up after five months of being retrograde. What did this mean for your skin? That it's dryer, needing more love, and that you're apt to be more disciplined with your routine.

September 21: Mercury enters Libra. Your mind and the way you communicate will desire more elegance, more soft hues, light pinks, and glosses-naturally luxurious.

September 23: Fall equinox. It's officially Libra season! The sun meets Mercury in Libra, inspiring balance in all areas of your life.

September 24: Full moon in Aries. Making things hot, especially your skin. Opt for a cooling mask and detox with this full moon. Surrendering to the problems instantly presents solutions if you're patient enough.

September 30: Pluto direct. Pluto is currently in Capricorn, the sign synonymous with skin, and will be bringing all sorts of stuff to the surface, especially with your skin. Expect breakouts, but don't go extreme. Focus on balancing your skin's pH levels.

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ARIES: Relationship Goals

Your ruling planet, Mars, was retrograde for most of the summer and just woke up at the end of August. However, there is still what we call a shadow period where things take time to settle. Now your planet is in the sign Aquarius, which is what you'll need to look to for a healthy outlet for expressing anger, frustration, and even motivation. Stay the course, but aim for a more inclusive approach. Think innovation: Stay future-oriented rather than reactive, and make time for physical activity because your mind is likely spinning. The full moon on Septemeber 24 will ask that you let go of your perspective and stay open to opposing views. Your skin is running hot this month and more prone to breakouts, so use a soothing mask.

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TAURUS: Timing

For you, contemplating what personal freedom for yourself and others means is key. How you spend your time is fueled by a subconscious desire to rebel against your subconscious tendencies. What this means for your skin is that while you value beauty and clear skin almost more than any other sign, you're want change; you just aren't sure what it is yet. Try a balanced toner, stick with it for the remainder of the month, and see how it works for you. The color red might feel enticing to you, and it should, but opt for a light pink around the eclipse to tone down impulsive decisions. The equinox shines a light on timing for you: how to spend it, balance it, utilize it, and to flow with synchronicity.

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GEMINI: Romance

Fall means two things for you: romance and play. Play means social events, dinner parties, art, candlelit baths, you know-your jaw-dropping movie romance. This month and next, you'll be revisiting some of your favorite pastimes. Don't worry as much about attending everything, and focus on doing what you really love. The full moon on September 24 brings you into alignment with your personal needs, and you should nurture them. The equinox is shining more light on your hidden talents that you take for granted but shouldn't. Playing means doing what feels natural to you. Your skin needs a deep cleanse.

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Fall highlights your favorite place: home. Venus will soon be retrograde, and paired with Mercury highlighting your home, it means a new period of comfort, nostalgia, and inner peace. In September, you are focused on family and beautifying your home. Doing so will bring the other aspects of your life into greater balance and tranquility. Your skin will reflect your environment, so wearing something to protect your sensitive skin is what you need for the equinox.

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LEO: Mindset

The equinox shines a light on the way that you think, i.e., ideas, communication style, and writing. Fall in general is about revamping your communication style, and that depends on where your head's at. Typically, you're one of the best communicators in the zodiac; you know how to speak to almost anyone. You're gracious, diplomatic, and charming, but sometimes appeasing everyone so that you're liked isn't easy. Take some time to think about what's most important to you, about what you truly value, and start there. Your skin in September is completely dependent upon your diet, so staying hydrated is a must for balance.

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VIRGO: Self-Worth

This equinox is about balance, sure, but for you, it's even deeper than that. It's about valuing yourself. Good questions for you to contemplate now: Am I getting what I am giving in relationships? How can I experience more peace, more romance, and more clarity? Valuing yourself is the first step; second would be trusting that whatever you value is worth it. Nurture more of what you love to bring your life more into balance. Your skin simply wants something new. Try a luminous mask.

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Ruled by Venus, you compromise a lot and are always one step ahead of everyone else and capable of putting yourself in others' shoes. It's a story that has worn thin lately. The equinox brings your relationships to a head, where you'll need to stand up for what you believe in while leading by example. Your greatest gifts are that you know what true compromise means, and you have a sixth sense that's so strong you probably don't even notice how precise it is. You know when the slightest thing is out of balance and even take precautions to ensure that things don't blow out of control. Remember your gifts and think of the equinox as a boost. Your skin will need a little extra care since it's more prone to breakouts stemming from your emotions. Try a soothing, rose-based nourishing oil.

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SCORPIO: Secrets

The equinox shines a light on your subconscious, bringing things to that you may not have been dealing with to light, such as where your life has been out of balance. You keep secrets not because they are terrible, but because you judge yourself so harshly you're afraid that others wouldn't understand you or would hold some kind of power over you. The truth is you prefer to internalize things because it helps you sort things out and find the balance that you need. Spend some alone time, as much as you can to discover the parts of you that you keep secret from yourself. Your skin needs a stimulating tonic.

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SAGITTARIUS: Socially Acceptable

Equinox shines a light on your social circles and casts a shadow on your self-indulgent ways. The full moon on September 24 requires that you make some changes to your lifestyle by tweaking it just a bit. The truth is you are a charmer capable of getting anyone to do most anything you ask, except that lately, you've been a little preoccupied with yourself. Fall marks a tipping point that brings your life more into balance, but it requires that you consider other people. Your skin is craving some TLC as it's been dry lately. You work hard, but just remember to take better care of your skin.

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Things have felt heavy, and you've certainly honored the occasion by meeting every obstacle along the way. TheВ equinox gives you a nice boost, bringing you more into the limelight and rewarding you a bit for all your hard work. Let this be a reminder that despite how tough things can get, it's all worth it. Love the bejesus out of your skin: It needs it, and you need it. Use a three-step set of gentle exfoliant, toner, and moisturizer.

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A student for life, you're always learning, yet you boast such modesty for being such a wealth of knowledge. The equinox inspires you to find more balance through research, study, and travel, which means that now would be an ideal time to revisit that trip you've been wanting to take. At the very least, the karma cup is tilting in your favor, so enjoy it! When it comes to your skin for the remainder of the month, deep breathing does your skin wonders. Try an oxygenating mask.

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PISCES: Sensual

Emotional intimacy comes naturally to you, so you'll find that the equinox brings you into a deeper state of connectedness, one that you've been craving. The full moon on September 24 asks that you let go of your independent streak for a bit and let your heart lead you more, by consciously opening yourself to another person. Indulging your romantic side will do wonders for your skin right now. Use a moisturizing shimmer stick to keep you inspired.

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