Confirmed: These Are the Best Tweezers for Perfect Arches

Plucking our eyebrows is one of those annoyingly painful beauty tasks we don't particularly look forward to. Blame it on past traumas circa high school when we nearly plucked the area bald, the consistent flinches-and redness-accompanying each and every extraction, or the just the sheer frustration of grabbing a hair in the first place. And while some of us have embraced our natural brows, ignoring our tweezers for, well, years, some of us still reach for them on a daily basis to discourage strays and maintain shape. If you fall into the latter camp, you're going to need a crГЁme de la crГЁme pair of tweezers, right?

So, without further ado, read on for the best tweezers-hands down-we've ever laid fingertips on. From chic design to flawless plucking execution, these are the eight best tweezersВ for maintaining gorgeous arches.

Bobbi Brown Tweezer $30 $26Shop

For brows that look professionally groomed 24/7, we recommend reaching for this top-rated pair of tweezers from Bobbi Brown. Not only do they seem to get each and every hair (on the very first try!), but they're also carefully crafted by Rubis of Switzerland and made from the highest-quality stainless steel. They just may be the best and only pair of tweezers you'll ever own.

Sonia Kashuk Ultra Fine Point Tweezers $10Shop

If you fall into the camp that craves a daily tweeze thanks to a consistent new crop of eyebrow hairs, this set of gilded, budget-friendly tweezers from Sonia Kashuk is for you. Not only is it impeccably chic as far as tweezers go, but it's also designed to grip and eliminate even the teeniest tiniest hairs. (You know those stubborn few that refuse to budge? You can now bid them adieu for good.)

Anastasia Beverly Hills Tweezers $28Shop

It's not all too surprising the brow goddesses behind Anastasia Beverly Hills came out with one of the best sets of tweezers we've ever laid hands on. The tip never seems to dull and thanks to a mighty stainless steel composition, custom-slanted top, and calibrated tension, you'll get every last hair with minimal effort.В These are a top team Byrdie pick but also universally loved online (justВ lookВ at the reviews).

Benefit Comsetics Grooming Tweezer & Brush $20Shop

We're suckers for any product that multitasks-especially if it helps improve our brow game on the go. Therefore, we couldn't be any more smitten with this adorable double-ended genius from Benefit. The slanted tweezers are strategically coated with diamond dust (no big deal) for effortless plucking and surefire grip while the brush allows you to keep brow hairs well coiffed and in place. (All the better for keeping to your signature shape without getting too pluck-happy as you tweeze.)

E.l.f. Slant Tweezer $1Shop

Really, though, what's better than a best-of-the-best pair of tweezers that somehow manages to come in under $2? Yep, for just $1, you can buy yourself one of the internet's favorite sets of tweezers from beloved drugstore brand E.l.f. According to reviewers, hairs come out on first pluck, and the aluminum composition will last forever.

Kelley Baker Swarovsky Crystal Tweezer $26Shop

Leave it to Kelley Baker, L.A.'s brow guru to the stars (think Lucy Hale, the Kardashians and Jenners, and Zendaya), to gift us with not only the prettiest pair of tweezers (that's a pink Swarovski crystal on the end, in case you were wondering) but a pair that also delivers salon-level results. Slanted, with expertly designed tip alignment, these help make sure your pluck job is as painless and precise as possible.

Tweezerman Pink Perfection Slant Tweezer $23Shop

Yes, there is such thing as a cult-favorite tweezer, and this perfectly pink pair from TweezermanВ is it.В We're not exactly sure why we love it so much (it's probably a combination of the punchy color, 25-degree slant, seamlessВ alignment, and just-right amount of tension), but we're smitten all the same.

The BrowGal Tweezer $28Shop

We've already (and often!) applauded The BrowGal (aka Tonya Crooks) for her brow-improving spread ofВ powders and pencils, but this Italian-made tweezing tool definitely makes our lies of the best tweezers, hands down. And considering they're custom-designed by a high-end knife company (in Italia, as we formerly mentioned), it's no surprise they excel in precision, sharpness, and durability.В

Ready, set, pluck! (But not too much, of course.)