This Is Summer's Most Overlooked (and Useful) Hair Accessory

The rules of haircare are simple and finite; as such, we know that you can't get a perm wet for 24 hours-and if you don't sleep with your hair wrapped in a silk scarf or bonnet, you're seriously damaging your strands. That's because your bed is an actual disaster zone for that stuff on your head. The friction of your hair against your pillowcase can cause split ends and dryness (two descriptors we'd prefer not to have applied to our hair). Ready to wake up with healthier, shinier hair? We combed the internet to find 11 silk scarves for hair that pull double duty as both a hair protector and a fashionable accessory. Below, see the ones you need to shop now.

Silke The Isla $6Shop

In fantasy, we're wearing this glamorous silk wrap with an equally luxe set of pajamas; in reality, we're probably wearing it with our old college T-shirt. Luckily, its hair-protective properties (and overall chicness) aren't diminished by the rest of our outfit.

Cuyana Silk Floral Scarf $95Shop

A made-in-Italy silk scarf with a playful floral pattern will make even the sweatpants-iest bedtime look appear chic.

Grace Eleyae Gray Slap $30Shop

This beanie is lined with hair-saving satin, and it comes in three different sizes.

Vernon François Sleep~In Silk Cap $25Shop

This 100% silk cap has a tie in the back, so you can adjust the fit to make sure it stays in place all night.

Rebecca Minkoff Mixed Floral Paisley Silk Bandana $36Shop

A vibrant orange silk scarf takes a good haircare practice and makes it fashion.

Isoken Enofe Mabel $25Shop

The brand makes bonnets inspired by the Afrocentric heritage; sizes range from small to extra large to fit all styles, textures, and lengths of hair.

Shhh Silk Black Silk Sleep Bonnet $59Shop

Slip on this basic black bonnet before bed; wake up with softer hair. It's that simple.

Round + Square Sunflower Dot Silk BandanaShop

Protect your hair and show your support for gender equality, all in one. The brand donates 30% of proceeds to the nonprofit Equality Now.

Club Monaco Emmilia Silk Scarf $68Shop

An added bonus of pulling your hair back with a silk scarf:В It can help with breakoutsВ because you're not nestling your face in your product-filled hair all night.

Pretty Persuasions Sweet Valley Printed Silk Bandana $28Shop

Pairs just as well with loungewear as it does with your street style looks.

Anthropologie Rosette Silk Kerchief Scarf $32Shop

A vintage-inspired scarf that's as conducive to a good hair day as it is beautiful.

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Opening Image: Anthropologie