I Didn't Wash My Hair for 5 Days-and I've Got Photos to Prove It

Let me preface this by saying this was my dream assignment. Of all the beauty rituals I succumb to, washing and styling my hair is my least favorite. Maybe it's because I'm not particularly good at it, or perhaps it's because the texture of my hair (curly and frizzy) is quite the opposite to what I normally style it to look like (shiny and smooth). In other words, I spend more time with hot tools than I'd like.

Despite my disdain for washing my hair, I do end up washing and restyling it three to four times throughout the week because I have yet to find a dry shampoo that holds up-especially if I muster up the motivation to work out and add sweat to the mix. That is, until I tried IGK-the brand challenged me to go five days without washing my hair, swapping out regular shampoo for its dry shampoo products. Ready to see what happened?

Day one of my no-wash challenge fell on a holiday, and as I'm very low-key with my off-duty beauty routine, the most I could be bothered to do with my recently washed and blow-dried hair was run a comb through it and pray for the best. Normally I might use some sort of styling cream to fight the frizz, but I was admittedly hesitant to overdo it with product in case it made my hair even greasier in the days to come.

I hoped my parched strands would not need dry shampoo after day two-but they certainly did. I opted for the more mild Jet Lag Invisible Dry Shampoo ($27) because this is a marathon, not a sprint, and I wasn't ready to have my head full of dry shampoo on only day two. Ed. note: This is a gentle dry shampoo made to remove mild dirt and oil, thanks to finely milled volcanic ash that revives your scalp without leaving your hair dry and straw-like.

After a few spritzes along my roots, I was pleasantly surprised that this product lived up to the “invisible” part of its name; there was no white residue (important, because it really shows up in my dark hair), and my strands had a nice wind-blown texture. When I say a few spritzes, I really mean two to three, which is less than what I've done in the past. This spray was quick, efficient and cut my routine down by at least 10 minutes. As someone who frequently hits the snooze button, every extra minute is a serious blessing.

Last week I promised a friend I'd go to a 7 a.m. yoga-sculpt class with her, and since I wanted to be as accurate with this test as possible, I braved the class despite knowing I could not wash my hair afterward. In preparation, I sprayed my hair all over with the dry shampoo to mop up any existing oil. I then put my hair in a bun on top of my head and crossed my fingers. Here's a photo of me post-yoga, pre-styling. Despite my hair looking a bit messy, I was surprised my roots still seemed relatively clean even after 60 minutes of vinyasa flow with weights.

To make myself a bit more presentable for work, I sprayed the productВ all over again-at my roots and along part, flipping my head over to spray underneath, putting my hair in clips to spray under my layers, etc.; then I brushed my hair out. I was originally planning to straighten my hair from top to bottom, but I loved the body and texture the dry shampoo gave my locks, so I just ended up flat-ironing a few pieces in the front and back. Maybe it's the dry shampoo fumes talking, but I really think my hair looks like I got a professional blowout thanks to all the volume. No? Well, it at least looks clean.

Okay, as much as I love this dry shampoo, this morning's situation required a more heavy-duty lift. I opted for another IGK product,В First Class Charcoal Detox Dry ShampooВ ($27), and my first impression was that it smelled exactly how I'd want my hair to smell: fresh and clean. Made with a multitasking duo ofВ charcoal powder to lift dirt and build-up while absorbing sweat and oilВ andВ white tea powder calm the scalp and strengthen your hair follicles, it worked to refresh my style while still adding volume and texture.

Since it offers a deep cleanse, it required even fewer sprays to make my hair look clean while still giving my hair volume. Also, I'm happy to report that again, there was no white residue. After cleansing with the First Class dry shampoo, I wand-curled my hair, and I'm pretty happy with the results, despite four days without washing it. Normally at this point it would be weighed down with grease (gross but true), but today it felt fresh and bouncy.

Not going to lie, I was afraid to wake up on day five and see what I'd be working with. Unsurprisingly, this was the worst day of all. My hair was greasy, unruly, and frizzy, and my poor dry shampoo had its work cut out for it-especially because I had plans later this evening that I want to look nice for.

Instead of aimlessly spraying the First Class dry shampooВ around my head, I separated my hair into sections, spraying the roots to ensure my hair was fully covered. Then I shook my hair out, ran a comb through it, and added a few more spritzes of product to my roots. I opted for wand-curling my hair again, as I think my serious case of bedhead would make achieving a sleek, smooth style a bit tough.

The verdict? I'd like to lie and say I'm shocked with the results, but I'm honestly not. These dry shampoos managed to keep my hair under control all week, no matter what I threw at them. My hair smells fresh, looks clean, is flexible enough to restyle, and is surprisingly not weighed down by grease, but actually bouncy and voluminous.В

While shampoo and water are certainly the easiest way to keep your hair clean, these IGK dry shampoos are an excellent product to keep in your back pocket.



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