Buy Now, Use This Weekend: 5 Waterproof Products You Can Literally Swim In

May your Fourth of July weekend bring lots of barbecues, outdoor time, and some much-needed unplugging-and no matter the details of your agenda, a steadfast beauty look. The key to the latter is an arsenal of summerproof products, of course. But even if you haven't had a spare moment to stock up on water- and sweat-resistant essentials, there's no need to fret: It's 2017, as a reminder, which means you can literally conjure products to your front doorstep in a matter of hours, all through the magic of Amazon Prime.

Below, you'll find an array of some of the best summer products our favorite online marketplace has to offer. From waterproof mascara to a budgeproof concealer, this is makeup you can literally swim in-need we say more?

It Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye Full Coverage Waterproof Concealer $17Shop

There's nothing more irksome than runaway concealer, which is why this formula is an absolute must for summer.

Elta MD SPF 50 UV Sport Water-Resistant Sunscreen $24Shop

You don't need us to remind you not to skimp on sun protection this weekend, but we'll do it anyway-this formula is water-resistant and non-greasy, so there's really no excuse not to lather it on.

Red & Black Eyeshadow Base $10Shop

Consider this primer your secret weapon for a budgeproof makeup look. (It's crucial for any elaborate Fourth of July getup.)

HeyBeauty Volume Waterproof Mascara $13

According to Amazon reviewers, this under-the-radar mascara is top-notch.

ArtNaturals Makeup Setting Spray $9Shop

This setting mist instantly makes any makeup look waterproof-and best of all, it contains soothing aloe to alleviate any sun-induced redness.