This New Survey Illustrates Just How Far People Are Willing to Go for Wellness

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There are very few markets that haven't seen the influence of wellness lately; in the realm of beauty alone, it's been remarkable to see how the health boom has given way to kale-themed skincare products and "athleisure makeup." As such, it's probably unsurprising that the tourism industry has taken a turn in this direction as well-people don't just want to take their healthy lifestyles with them on vacation but are actually seeking out vacations tailored to healthy lifestyles.

This is all illustrated in Pinterest's latest analytics report, which highlights emerging trends based on search data and user habits. The team tells us that searches for "fitness travel" are up a whopping 618% from last year-and it's not just about finding a tropical resort with a halfway-decent gym. "Pinners are looking to travel to destinations for marathon running and boot camp sessions," says Pinterest rep Cambria Winding.

Yoga and meditation retreats are also popular searches-up about 77% and 88%, respectively-though Winding clarifies that many pinners are also DIY'ing yoga-themed "staycations" in their backyards. (Genius.) On a related note, searches for "forest bathing" are up more than 200%-something we can certainly get behind since the mental and physical benefits of this nature-geared form of meditation abound.

This all being said, while it's fascinating to chart the wave of wellness-themed travel destinations, we also understand the appeal of going on vacay specifically to forget about your half-marathon training for a few days. Rest days count!

Just make sure you pack your travel gym bag wisely-we swear by the on-the-go essentials below.


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