I Thought Powder Was Dead, But This New Formula Sold Out Overnight

Courtesy of Hourglass

Just when we thought no one used powder anymore, well, we found out everyone is using powder. Or at least everyone is (or will soon be) using one powder in particular. The substance in question is HourglassВ Veil Translucent Setting Powder ($46)-a brand-new launch which apparently sold out on withinВ 24 hours of its debut. (Don't worry, we were also just informed that it's now back in stock.)

Sure, we're used to witnessing this kind of pandemonium when there's aВ Jenner or anВ Urban Decay Palette involved, but a setting powder? Clearly, there must be something spectacular involved. And after performing a quick, two-second Google search, we think we found the perp: diamondВ dust. Yep, this soon-to-be cult favorite not only suits all skin tones and boasts a specialized "sifter" (interpret that however you wish) to dole out the perfect amount of product, it also allows you to frost yourself with highly refined diamond crystals. (We think Matthew McConaughey Г la How to Lose a GuyВ in 10 Days would be psyched by the marketingВ angle, no?)

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Don't get us wrong, we (and many a makeup artist) still love a good powder. But that's the thing-it has to be exactly thatВ good. And since the formulas that don't impart dreaded flashback or crease beneath our eyes or beside our nose are few and far between, many of us simply settle to go without. Or we're committed to cult favorites like Laura MercierВ Invisible Loose Setting PowderВ ($38) and Make Up For EverВ Ultra HD Microfinishing Loose PowderВ ($36).В

For instance, celebrity makeup artistВ Sir John (the man behindВ Queen Bey's epic makeup looks)В told us late last year he actually swears by translucent powder to set makeup-especially a tricky concealer situation. "A good rule of thumb: If you can't blow on the powder without it going everywhere, don't use it."

So will the new kid on the block from Hourglass actually have what it takes to permanently make a name for itself within the very exclusive clique of expert-approved powders? Only time will tell, but we think the initial sellout and other impressive perks like the vegan, talc-free formula are definitelyВ flirting with success. Curious to see for yourself? As we mentioned earlier, the long-wearing and virtually invisible powder is back in stock and officially waiting for you to test it out.