Meet Pink Champagne, the Sherbet Hair Color of Your Dreams

Here at Byrdie, we're always interested in hair color trends, but our interest turns into something of an obsession during the warmer months. Those summery good vibes encourage us to stray from our hair color comfort zones while the long days of sunshine embolden us to go with rich, unique hues. According to Allure, this year, it's all about pink. Pink champagne, to be exact.

It's a new take on the Millennial Pink craze-you know the one, the trend that's overtaken everything from our bathroom vanities to our hair color. Well, pink champagne is a fresh take on it. It's a multifaceted, dimensional color that we're completely smitten with. Keep reading to see your new summer hair color!


This side-by-side shows the processed color being rinsed next to an Allure-exclusive photo of the end result. Let's all raise a toast (see what we did there?) to Sapphire Driver, a hairstylist at Bleach London who is responsible for this gorgeous color.

According to Allure, she was inspired to create this rosy pink after seeing a particularly plush velvet sofa. We can totally see the resemblance, as this hair color has all the softness and dimension of thick, cushiony velvet. Hmm-inspiration really is all around us.

We're guessing that the name comes from the combination of highlights and lowlights. Golden champagne mingles perfectly with the deeper rose tones, making for a seamless, multifaceted result.

If you love the color but are a little hesitant to go all in, then try a pink champagne ombrГ© situation. It's a tad subtler, great for those of us who might want to try this fun summer trend without committing wholeheartedly. Either way, take Driver's advice and "match your pink champagne to your hair."

Read the whole article over at Allure.

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Will you be participating in the pink champagne hair trend? Let us know in the comments below, and then read the lazy girl's guide to getting better hair.В