9 Wise Beauty Tips From Byrdie Readers Over 40


We may be slightly biased, but we happen to think that Byrdie readers are some of the savviest beauty consumers in the world. You all ask us the most astute questions, call us out when we get something wrong, and even hit us with amazing beauty advice that we then get to write about. The relationshipВ between editor and reader here at Byrdie is delightfully symbiotic, and we wouldn't be able to do our jobs anywhere near as well (or at all) without you lovely folks.

One of our favorite ways to interact with Byrdie readers is in our secret beauty-themed Facebook group,В The Beauty Line (which you can read all about here). TBL is a community of beautyВ aficionados of all ages, and recently it occurred to us that we'd love to hear what our readers over 40 are doing these days to keep their beauty game strong. So we hopped on Facebook and tapped some over-40 Byrdie readers for their tried-and-true beauty andВ self-care tips. Interested to read their clever advice? Just keep on scrolling.В

1. Take collagen supplements

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"I've been taking powdered collagen in my coffee, and I feel like I notice improvement in my complexion, hair,В and nails!" - Joey

2. Develop a skincare routine focused on active ingredients

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"Hyaluronic acid to extend time before Botox. Gel eye cream. Sunscreen every day. Humidify your house. Use active ingredients on hands and dГ©colletГ©. And try things and find what works for you instead of following trends." - Victoria

3. Embrace the hydrating wonder of plant oils

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"I've used oils on my skin for decades. Years ago, the pharmacist had to order sweet almond oil for me." - Janet

4. Prioritize removing your makeup and protecting your skin from the sun

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"I'm 41 and swear by always always always removing my makeup before going to bed, using Vitamin C serum and sunscreen every single day." - Lupita

5. Slather your SPF everywhere (not just your face), and reapply religiously

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"Sunscreen on hands, armsВ andВ face. Also settingВ SPFВ sprayВ for car rides or just brief outside moments, because your morning SPF isn't working at 100% at noon!" - Shannon

6. Surround yourself with puppies

"My 69-year-old mother's tried-and-true wellness hack improves mood and blood flow, which helps with everything overall-specifically, glowing skin, mind health, and boosted energy: Play with your pets!" - Jessie

7. Hydrate from the inside out

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"Drink your weight in water!" - Stephanie

8. Avoid these two cancer-causing habits


"Don't tan, or smoke! It's shocking what those two things do to your skin." - Ashley

9. Accept and express gratitude for your awesome aging self


"At age 48, I'm definitely noticing changes in my skin and ones that I don't particularly like.… However, I insist that I keep a good, healthy balance of continuing to pursue treatments that can improve my skin, but not go so far as to do things that make me look unnatural. I don't put all of my focus on my looks and book a derm appointment everytime a wrinkle shows up like I know many people do. Instead, I do things for myself that bring me pure joy and confidence. Whether it's riding my Harley Davidson with my husband, setting a fitness goal (I just signed up for a half marathon) or challenging myself to new experiences like moving to Austin three years ago,… I try to embrace all that life has to offer and the fuel this gives me on the inside is what brings me confidence on the outside. Through this skincare rule, I have learned to love the skin I'm in." - Renée

Are you a reader over 40 with a good beauty tip? Feel free to DM it to us @byrdiebeauty!В