Gorgeous Wedding Nail Looks You Could Wear All Year Long

Weddings can be one of the best moments in a couple's life, preceded by an often momentous proposal. Between those two moments, there are countless tasks to plan for the ensuing ceremony, but one essential is commonly forgotten right off the bat-a manicure. Whether this was on your radar or not, once that ring slides onto your finger, that hand will inevitably be on display 24/7. We hate to add a task to your planner without offering some sort of solace as well, so we took it upon ourselves to scavenge the internet for the best wedding manicures for every type of bride.

After the champagne is popped and the petals are swept away, check a box off your to-do list and head to the salon with these styles in mind. Choose from subtle details to modernized styles, any of which will have you all the more prepared to extend your hand when someone asks to see the ring. Your typical hue just won't do-especially when you're saying "I do." (Sorry, we couldn't help ourselves). Keep scrolling below to see the best manicures for your wedding day.


Who knew adding a thin stroke of glitter to a nude nail could award such instant Stevie Nicks vibes? We sure didn't, but we're so happy with how it turned out.


This manicure is a minimalist's dream come true. A hint of glitter lining above your cuticles is a classy way to add a fun twist (that's still really subtle) to a traditional nude nail.


Calling all cool-girl brides: Meet the other minimalistic manicure we're dying to try. The design is simple yet elegant and still manages to exude a laid-back vibe. Cue the doves-we say "I do" to this style.


Though it seems most brides will reach for a creamy opaque hue, try a thin white line across a neutral gray for the perfect medley of feminine and modern styles. It's nontraditional in the best way.

EP Beauty

All brides, whether extravagant or modest, can agree there's always something to love in an understated detail. Add a small embellishment to your usual color and transform your nails from average to avant-garde.


A nearly nude manicure is something subtle for your something blue. Coat the underside of your tips with a classic robin's-egg blue like Essie's Blue-La-La for just the right amount of color to come through.


Add a glittery mix of voguish shapes and dainty ornaments for cult-worthy nails. We're obsessed with the way the delicate garnishes take the manicure from simple to stylish.


In place of your classic white or nude polish, try out a nontraditional rose-gold metallic detail instead to add a unique detail to your bridal look. Plus, what's more on trend than rose gold meets metallic?


A light nude polish makes the perfect base color for a glamorous pearl design that channels your inner princess. Audrey Hepburn would approve (as do we).