I Asked 3 Different Stylists to Do My Wedding Hair-See the Photos

You don't have to be getting married to appreciate the art of a beautifully executed wedding hairstyle. In fact, you don't even have to like weddings. My boyfriend and I have been together for almost seven years, and we both feel pretty "meh" about the concept of having a wedding (so expensive, right??). But goodness knows I'm a sucker for a gorgeous wedding beauty look.В

If/when I do get married, I'm fairly certain I'll do my own makeup, but hair is another story. I feel confident about my everyday hairstyling abilities, but special occasion hair is a whole different beast. Especially considering how picky I am. IMHO, a lot of wedding hairstyles teeterВ dangerously close to the "prom" look (think overly complicated updos and gaudy hair accessories). I want my wedding hair to look romantic, effortless, and timeless. ButВ beyond that, I actually don't have a specific vision.

To help me translate my taste into an actual look, I tapped three incredible hair stylists: Jenny Cho,В Mara Roszak,В and Melissa Hoyle. Keep scrolling to see their very different interpretations of my wedding hair!

Look #1

Paley Fairman

After stumbling acrossВ Suave Professionals celebrity stylistВ Jenny ChoВ on Instagram, I knew I had to have her give my wedding look a go. She's styled Jennifer LawrenceВ many times for red carpet events, and the looks are always so romantic yet cool and breezy at the same time. Since J.LawВ has a similar hair length to mine,В I knew I could trust Cho.В

Paley Fairman

I gave all three of my stylists the same spiel about what I was going for:В I wanted the vibe to be romantic and timelessВ but notВ too different from my normal look, so I'd still feel like myself. (In my everyday life my hair is either messily wavedВ or straight and sleek-never super curly and never worn up.)

"It's important on theВ wedding day for the bride to look like the best extension of her everyday self," Cho affirmed. "So for you,В keeping the hair loose wasВ the way to go." For this look, Cho'sВ focus was on the texture, which she executed with a one-inch curling wand, lots of Suave Professionals Dry ShampooВ ($5), and salt sprayВ ($8). She parted my hair in the middle, created a two-strand braid on either side, and lightly teased my hair in the back to create a subtle "Brigitte Bardot" bump. She topped off the look with a dainty pearl comb.

Paley Fairman

What I loved about this look is that it felt like me. The messy waves felt familiar, but the pretty braids, volume at the crown, and pearl accessory elevated the style. Overall, this is probably the closest to what I would doВ were I to attemptВ my wedding hair myself. But I was also curious to see if myВ other stylistsВ would step a littleВ more outside the box.

Look #2

Paley Fairman

This vintage-inspired look was created by L'OrГ©al Paris celebrity hairstylist Mara Roszak, who has worked with everyone from Lily Collins to Emma Stone. When I walked into my appointment with Roszak (which took place at her top-rated salon,В Mare), I hadn't washed my hair in days, so it wasВ slicked it back into a low pony with a deep side part.

Roszak said she was initially inspired by the shiny (read: greasy) look I walked in with to create this "sleek high-gloss" style-a very different, but no less lovely take on "timeless beauty and femininity."

Paley Fairman

Watching Roszak create this style was like watching an artist carveВ marble. She started out by applying L'OrГ©al Paris Boost It Volume Inject MousseВ ($4) to my wet hair for hold. Next, she blew my hair dry, parted it, and set a couple pin curls around myВ face. She used aВ one-inch iron toВ curl sections of hair toward myВ face "to form that S-wave." Then, she used severalВ flat top clipsВ to craft the '40s-style shape you see in front.

"It's almost like sculpting at that point," RoszakВ said. "Just set your pins where you want the hairВ to kind of dip, where you want it to come out toward your eye, and then dip back in. You really can go in and create the shape that you want."

Roszak used L'OrГ©al's Sleek It Frizz Vanisher CreamВ ($4) to tame any flyaways and lots of Elnett HairsprayВ ($14) to lock the style in place. She finished off with a shine spray.

Paley Fairman

This look was truly like living art. I don't thinkВ I would have envisioned the style on my own, but it was stunning in person (and I swear, my hair never looked shinier). On my actual wedding, I probably wouldn't goВ quite this vintage-y, just because it's such a departure from my normal look, but I loved rocking it for the day.В

Look #3

Paley Fairman

I'd worked with my third stylist many times before, so she had a teensyВ advantageВ since she knewВ my taste already. Haircutting specialist Melissa HoyleВ at Spoke and WealВ salon aimedВ to create "a beautiful romantic up-style," inspired by Charlize Theron's red carpet looks. She promised she'd make my hair look "red carpet," which is just what I wanted to hear.

Paley Fairman

To start, Hoyle usedВ Aveda'sВ Pure Abundance Style PrepВ ($25) to create texture and grit throughout my just-washed hair. Then, she blew my strandsВ dry and used a one-inchВ iron to setВ my entire head, each time curling the hair away from my face. After the curlsВ cooled, she raked her fingers through toВ loosen them, addingВ Aveda's Light Elements Texturizing CremeВ ($25).

For the updo, Hoyle pulledВ all the hair above my ears into a loose bun and secured with bobby pins. Then, she used U-shaped pins to pinВ back each side. She loosely teased the top section for heightВ and molded it all intoВ place with her hands. To finish, she mistedВ the style with Aveda's Control Force Hair SprayВ ($31).

Paley Fairman

If I were to come into a spare $50,000 and throw myself a wedding, this is very similar to the hairstyle I would end up doing. Romantic? Check. Timeless? Check. Not too perfect or heavily styled? Check.

Though I never sportВ updosВ in everyday life, the loose, tousled nature of this one made me feel at ease. The height on top flattered my round face, and the back was dazzling-I don't even know how Hoyle did it onВ short hair.В

I had such fun with this experiment, it almost makes me want to say "screw it" and have a big fancy wedding. (I just hope my boyfriend doesn't read this.)

Which of these three looks do you like best? Sound off in the comments below!