Take This Vitamin First Thing in the Morning to Speed Up Your Metabolism


As someone who's always in the market for a new, healthy supplement, elixir, or Superfood, I'm always intrigued at the next big wellness finding. I found natural adaptogenic herbsВ to replace my Adderall, a body oil to ease anxiety, and techniques to stay present. However, apparently, there's a well-known daily vitaminВ that can actually help you lose weight-and it's available at every pharmacy and health food store. Keep reading to find your next (all-natural) diet secret.

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Vitamin D has many benefits we were already aware of (it promotes calcium absorption in your gut, maintains the health of your bones, and keeps your mood balanced), but it could also speed up your metabolism. The catch? You have to make sure to take it in the morning with your breakfast.

"If you decide to take a supplement, it's important to take vitamin D with a healthy fat (like at breakfast) because it is a fat-soluble vitamin," says Kerry Clifford, a certified dietitian at Fresh Thyme Farmer's Market. She continues, "The research on vitamin D is continuously increasing, but in addition to its role in calcium absorption for bone health, vitamin D also helps keep your cells healthy and boosts brain and immune function. It may also help reduce inflammation, which has direct impact on our metabolism."

Clifford's claims hold up, as aВ at theВ Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research CenterВ conducted a studyВ where women were either given vitamin D or a placebo and put on a reduced calorie and exercise program. The women who took vitamin D during a 12-month time period lost an average of 19 pounds, while those who had a placebo lost an average of 12 pounds.В

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