4 Small Spring Makeup Updates That Make a Big Difference


This time of year, everyone goes on about stripping away the old and starting anew. In makeup terms, it is often suggested that April calls for a full ransack of the makeup bag and a complete clear-out of the bathroom cabinet before building your collection back up again from scratch.

Well, I'm calling time on such an idea. Yeah, the weather is changing, and the pendulum is swinging new trends our way, but it really needn't be so radical as starting again. No, if you ask me, the switch from winter to spring simply takes some carefully planned swaps and very simple tweaks-only four, in fact-and the makeup you had perfected last season will work this season too.

Below, I've laid out the few things I'm doing to prepare my makeup bag for the months ahead, and I swear you'll benefit from them too.

Lighten up on the coverage

When things get a little stickier, heavy coverage can feel pretty suffocating on skin and can get claggy when mixed up with the extra sweat and sebum produced in the hotter temperatures-delicious, huh? If you're not willing to go sans coverage just yet, there are plenty of middle-ground foundation formulas that will give you the same complexion-unifying properties as your winter foundation, just without the weight.

Look for tinted moisturisers, BB or CC creams, and foundations that proffer "dewy," "luminous" or "glowy" finishes.

YSL Beauty Touche Г‰clat All-in-One Glow Foundation $34Shop

For the days when I just want a little somethin'-somethin', YSL's new foundation layers on some serious sheen that, weirdly, doesn't ever look oily, no matter how stuffy the office gets. I adore the stuff.

It Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC+ Illumination SPF 50+ Cream $30Shop

It Cosmetics' new, glowier version of its cult CC cream offers a mere whisper of coverage to even out any hyperpigmentation and to knock back dark circles, and it feels just as nourishing and comfortable on the skin as a serum. Plus, it contains SPF 50, although if you're not applying a full face of the stuff, make sure you use a regular SPF moisturiser too.

Switch to a cream blusher

In the warmer weather, powder makeup formulas can start to feel a little claggy on the skin and can gather in weird streaks when sweat starts to interfere. The simplest remedy, where blush is concerned anyway, is to switch to a cream or liquid formulation, which will better meld to the skin and leave nothing but a fresh tint of colour across the cheeks.

Nars Liquid Blush in Orgasm $23Shop

A blusher for blusher-phobes, this creamy liquid leaves the subtlest tint of colour in a shade that miraculously suits every single skin tone. It also looks pretty mega swept across eyelids and patted onto the lips too.

Lipstick Queen Frog Prince Cream Blush $22Shop

No, IВ normallyВ wouldn't pat a green balm over my cheeks either, but as soon as this one hits the warmth of the face, itВ adapts to the pH of the skin to turn a shade of rosy pink unique to every wearer.

Invest in the colour of the season

If there's a single eye shadow to shade to invest in this season, it's lilac. The colour is making big waves in the fashion world, but I'm telling you it looks great on the eyes too. You needn't bother with a new palette (I know you have plenty of those already), but simply add a lavender-hued eye shadow mono to dip in and out of all the way through summer too.

Sugarpill Cosmetics Pro Pan Pressed Eyeshadow in Frostine $8Shop

Of course there are infinite ways to wear an eye shadow, but with Sugarpill Cosmetics' lilac tone, I would suggest one or two: applied using a damp angled brush as tightly along the lash line as you can get it. Or, smudged on with a loose, fluffy brush and swept right up over the crease. It's retro but in a really, really good way.

Glossier Lid Star in Lily $15Shop

You cannotВ make a wrong turn withВ Glossier's holographic eye tints,В which are made for novices. They come out really sheer (although you can build up the pigment if you're feeling a little more brazen), they need no more than a pat in the right direction toВ blend on, and they do not budge, crease, or move.

Learn that a lip is enough

When I reallyВ can't get moving on summer mornings (usually after a sundowner too many the night before), I seek solace in the knowledge that really all I need to fool my colleagues into thinking I didn't get upВ 10 minutes before I left the house is a slick of lipstick. Of course, there will be a hefty amount of concealer involved too, but believe me-nothing says I've got my shit together like a power lip. And this summer, I'll be relying on poppy shades like tomato reds and vivid fuchsias as my disguise.

Laura Mercier Velour Extreme Lipstick in Chicas $22Shop

I'm not the most elegant of lipstick appliers, but I find the tiddly, domed nibs of Laura Mercier's Velour Extreme Lipsticks the easiest to apply, quite simply because they follow the curvature of the lip without causing too many slip-ups. This is honestly one of the happiest colours I've ever seen-a super-bright, poppy shade of tomato red.

MAC Liptensity Lipstick in Ambrosial $18Shop

As punchy as it looks in the tube, this lipstick does a great job at drawing the attention away from tired eyes.

See? I told you spring makeup needn't be such a fuss after all.