Surprise: The #1 Nail Polish on Pinterest Isn't Essie's Ballet Slippers

If we had to guess which nail color was trending in a big way on Pinterest at the moment, our minds would probably go immediately to the obvious-Millennial Pink seems to be everywhere right now, and the bubble gum shade is perfectly on point for spring.

So color us surprised when we learned that in reality, the most popular hue of the moment is a little more understated. As much as we love neutrals, we wouldn't exactly peg them as a fiery-hot trend-rather, it's the timeless color palette we fall back on year after year. And yet, the analytics team at Pinterest tells us that searches for "nude nails" are currently up a whopping 796% year over year.

To be fair, it is a sign of the times: Barring the resurgence of '80s-inspired graphic color, beauty has taken a general shift toward a more natural look (a long overdue antidote to contouring et al.). As for the most popular nail polish overall on Pinterest, it fits right in with this trend (and no, it's not Essie's ever-popular Ballet Slippers, $9).

Essie Topless & Barefoot Nail Color $9Shop

That distinction goes to Essie's Topless & BarefootВ ($9), aВ beigey take on nude that lends itself well to just about any occasion.