The Nail Color You Should Wear This January, According to Astrology


You know what horoscopes are-but what about colorscopes? Color astrology is based on the belief that certain hues have the power to calm, energize, encourage, and ground you based on your unique astrology sign. And what better way to wear (and see) this color than to display it on your nails? To kick off 2016, we're starting this new series with Rose Theodora, resident astrologer and color expert at Enamel Diction. With a degree from UCLA in neuroscience and art history, Theodora is an expert when it comes to color therapy and astrology. Each month, she'll be sharing the power color you should be wearing on your nails, as well as the specific shades and finishes for your own sign. Enjoy!

Hi, Byrdie readers!

You may be wondering: Why mani-colorscopes? Because like people, colors have a personality. There is a subtle reasoning that takes place when we choose particular colors, and the colors we choose to wear speak volumes. Color astrology is personalizing color in accordance with your zodiac sign. If the color doesn't resonate with you, perhaps you exude the personality of the color so much that it's overkill. It may also be that you need to embrace more of your zodiac's personality traits and have been shying away from your natural colors. When reading your colorscope, it's best to read for your rising sign (based on your birth time), if you know it-if not, that's fine, too. The color of the month will help you align with the changing planets overhead each month (we call those monthly transits in astrology) so that you feel more harmonious.

Why nail polish? Wearing something once will not be effective, and realistically, who will wear the same clothes or colors every day? No one. Wearing a color for one to two weeks on your nails actually allows you to experience the subtle effects of the color.

Keep scrolling to find out this month's power color!

JANUARY POWER COLOR: Metallic silver with differing hues.В

This month, Mercury goes retrograde (in the sign Capricorn, which is all about making sure you have a solid foundation, whether mental or physical, to grow steadily from). Mars enters Scorpio (the passionate sign that exudes inner strength and perseverance), and passions will run hot. Jupiter retrograde in Virgo (fine-tuning your inner process), new moon in Capricorn, and full moon in Leo.В

The portal to your untapped magnetism opens subconsciously. Thankfully, Mercury is going retrograde this month, which will serve as a supportive companion in helping you to think before you impulsively and characteristically jump into action. What do I mean? It's time to get real about things, to truly understand yourself and what drives these instinctual impulses. You're giftedВ with an opportunity to gaze into your psyche and understand your power, and it starts from within. Explore and survey. Sporting a clean chrome-silver nail polish this month sends steady impulses of curiosity to your core. You'll like it-maybe a lot.

Your power polish shade this month is…

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Your closest relationships are up for reconfiguration. Think of them more as shifting rather than ending. It's key to focus on how you're communicating with he, she, or them. "Them," because it's not just about love. Everyone always assumes that “relationship” means love, but it doesn't. It's about relationship dynamics: This means enemies, business partners, your spouse, the other person… Before blaming the other person, think about what you believe. What personal philosophy do you hold, and is it serving you? Chances are that it needs to be redefined. Despite all the doom-and-gloom talk, this is a necessary phase. Happiness is on the horizon, and although you'd normally never wear a metallic silver, it's time you allow it to open your mind.

Your power polish shade this month is…

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Hmm… Let's see. Imagine that you have all of these tentacles, and they have their hand in several pots, and you feel spread thin. Your energy depleted, your relationship (or lack thereof) feels hopeless, but all of these are micro-thoughts. They are all temporary. The reason they feel heavy is that you're light andВ palpable, but somehow, you've lost that part of yourself. Now try imagining this: Take the many tentacles out of the pots and bring them back to your sides. Conservation is where it's at for you, and you're in need of an energy recalibration. Wearing a light, shimmery silver this month helps you find your way back to yourself and feel moreВ energizedВ and more positive.В

Your power polish shade this month is…

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Don't make any commitments except to yourself this month. Relationships are up for re-evaluating, and you'll want to muddle over your feelings and the facts before making rash decisions. The next few weeks are ideal for renegotiating your terms-this includes romantic relationships. Have you ever found yourself in a certain mind-set and then wondered how you got there? Well, now you can address things. Get inspired, and focus on being passionate about what you love. I'd tell you to fall in love with yourself, but why put a label on it? Do what you love, be who you love, and love yourself. Wearing this sparkly silver polish reminds you of your intensity when it comes to passion.В

Your power polish shade this month is…

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You're deeply bonded to family, so when home-front-related tensions run high, you're likely to get easily distracted at work… And, well, you like to work hard. When you work hard, you neglect your body. The holidays are officially over, and it's time to get back into the swing of things. For you, this means approaching work and family with gravitas. It's not about sacrifice for you-it's about integration. Staring at your bright nails will help remind you that without your inner light shining bright, you can't cheer anyone else up, now can you? Focus on what's been neglected; heal yourself so you can see more fruit from all the labor.

Your power polish shade this month is…

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Stability and motive become your initiating themes of 2016. Money is important to you, and that's okay. It's what makes you feel emotionally and physically secure, but you've also had a stabler upbringing than most, so home is very important to you. In fact, it's so important that whether or not you feel good at home affects how you are in the world. It's key for you to spend some downtime sprucing things up at home. When things look good, you feel good, and that's a unique attribute of yours. You're basically tidying up all the small things so that bigger, brighter things can come to you. Look down at your mani when you need to be reminded.В

Your power polish shade this month is…

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Energized-you're like a cannon being shot out into the ether! Sounds like fun, doesn't it? Yeah, except that your energy level surpasses anyone around you. So don't expect others to keep up. You're the trailblazer this month. In fact, you're so impassioned right now that you may even say things you regret, so it's important that you take a beat before speaking. All you have to do is find a workout you love and meditate more. (If you don't already. Find something meditative to ease your mind.) Wearing this month's illuminating color will remind you to bite your tongue.В

Your power polish shade this month is…

Color Club Polish in Polar Vortex $9Shop

It's important to remember that you are positive, despite however you may have felt in 2015. We've entered a new year, and you have new things in store for 2016. But first, this month is about connecting with your inner wisdom. For a sign that's so extroverted and loves to be in constant motion, now is just not the time. You've heard that saying, "in due time." That's your mantra this month. Take some time for yourself. Think of it as laying down a new foundation, one of inner strength that will be unshakable. My advice, not that you'll take it, would be to think about what you value most while taking some of this downtime. Really think about how you spend your time and whether or not you're fully utilizing all of your talents and applying your wisdom. Wearing this lusty silver reminds you of your need for freedom and exploration.В

Your power polish shade this month is…

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Restored confidence is how you start the New Year. With Mercury retrograde in your sign this month, you'll likely need to rethink how you are coming across and how you're expressing yourself. You value your impact on society; your family, friends, and co-workers; but mostly your impact at large. You want to make a name for yourself, no matter what industry you're involved in. Take the first couple of weeks to strategize, while gifting yourself with patience. If people aren't getting you, it doesn't matter. You're the only one who needs to get you. Be indifferent to all of that. This deep silver hue will help you.

Your power polish shade this month is…

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You are on fire! Metaphorically, that is. You amaze me, because last year was good, but this year, you are still focused on ensuring your sustainability, and I can respect that. You're getting more comfortable being out there in the world, and you are making a difference. It will be wise for you to kick off this year in equal parts: part workaholic and part spiritual recluse, mainly because your spiritual center is beckoning for more attention. If you haven't ever kept a dream journal, now's the time. Part of sustaining your momentum will be to detach from society's opinion of you. In order to do this, you'll need some quiet time. The good thing is that you'll enjoy it! Notice how this month's silver reminds you of your essence.

Your power polish shade this month is…

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Relinquishing old flames or friends is more appealing to you these days, and travel, exploration, and philosophy are important to you right now. Cultivating a relationship with a spiritual or religious belief and/or practice is where it's at for you. When you're communing with the unseen forces, your spirit soars. Doing so makes you feel safe and awe-inspired to tackle the more mundane aspects of life-aspects that your opposite sign, Virgo, is master of. Which brings me to my next point. If you don't have any Virgos in your life, you may want to consider finding one, because for those of you who get lost in a bubble of your own thoughts, these Virgins (that's Virgo's sign) will help you manifest some of your biggest visions/dreams.В

Your power polish shade this month is…

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Did your colorscope hit close to home? If you're in the Los Angeles area, you can book an appointment to meet with Theodora in personВ at Enamel DictionВ and get a personalized colorstrology manicure.