2 Byrdie Editors (Who Are Also Roommates) Swap Makeup Routines

Amanda Montell

Whenever people find out that Byrdie's assistant editor Erin and I live together, they always tell us it's the cutest thing they've ever heard. "Beauty editor roomies!" they squeal. Little do they know our living situation is even more adorable than they know. Our apartment is spilling over with products, and because Erin and I love beauty both in the office and out, we always wind up swapping products and advice-from how to repair our color-damaged hair to how to remove our old self-tanner-as we sit in the living room, drinking wine, prepping tomorrow's Byrdie stories.

But Erin and I also definitely have different makeup aesthetics. When asked to describe hers in a few words, Erin said "classically feminine, lots of pink." Mine, by contrast, is a little more eclectic. I like glitter eye shadow and lipstick shades that don't naturally occur on the human body (orange-y ones are my favorite). That said, Erin and I are constantly complimenting one another's looks; so, we finally decided to try them out. For a day, Erin and I swapped our entire signature makeup looks-from foundation to lipstick. Below are our honest reviews.

Our Signature Looks

Amanda Montell

Erin's Review of Amanda's Routine

Erin Jahns

The main thing I discovered from this experiment was that while Amanda's signature makeup is more whimsical and fun, my goals with makeup are to play up my natural features-glowy skin and lots of lashes-and to keep it fairly low-maintenance throughout the day so I don't have to be constantly touching it up. That's why I always find myself wearing pink lipstick, because it's basically an extension of my lips' natural color. I also feel like once I've nailed down a certain technique, like my liquid eyeliner, I wear it all the time,В because it's something I know I can just do on autopilot, knowing it will look nice and earn me compliments. The products I switch up the most are my blush and highlighter, but the rest remains fairly constant.

Amanda uses some products that I already love, like Nars's Orgasm blush and Milk's Kush mascara. I'm not used to wearing eye shadow, because my eyes are really sensitive, especially to powder eye shadows with a lot of fallout, but I was excited to try this cream one because it always looks so good on Amanda. I didn't think it looked as good on me, though I still really liked it. The biggest difference between Amanda's look and mine was not wearing my usual black eyeliner-I've just gotten into the habit of wearing it, so I feel like my eyes look naked now without it. I guess I compensated with more mascara (is that cheating?).

I also normally don't normally wear coral lip colors, but whenever Amanda wears those Sisley Phyto-Lip twists, I always compliment her, so I got some, and I'm so obsessed with the formula and pigmentation, even in shades I wouldn't normally wear. I'm also super picky with bronzers, but this Tarte one applied so easily, and the color was flattering-not too orange or muddy. The Haloscope highlighter made me look a little greasier than I'm used to (I just felt like I needed a blotting sheet all day), but it was definitely pretty. This is probably also because Koh Gen Do's foundation is a little glowier than the one I normally use.

In the end, I definitely think I'm going to start experimenting more with vibrant lip colors and eyeshadows. Those Phyto-Lip Twists are just so good.

Shop Amanda's signature look:

Koh Gen Do Aqua Foundation $70ShopTarte Amazonian Clay Matte Waterproof Bronzer $30ShopNars Blush in Orgasm $30ShopGlossier Haloscope in Quartz $22ShopTom Ford Cream Color for Eyes in Sphinx $46ShopMilk Kush High Volume Mascara $24ShopSisley Phyto-Lip Twist in Coral $50Shop

Amanda's Review of Erin's Routine

Amanda Montell

What struck me as funny about Erin's and my routines is that they're sort of the opposite in this one key way: While I try to use the least amount of products to look like I'm doing the most, she uses the most amount of products to look like she's doing the least. I had no idea how much stuff went into Erin's signature look, because it's so soft and natural-seeming. But the girl uses two bronzers, two blushes, two lipsticks, and three highlighters! You would never know, though, because she's that savvy with them and knows how to layer them to look subtle, flattering, and pretty: I, by contrast, cannot be trusted with that much makeup, because I use a heavy hand and end up looking like a circus clown. I tried really hard to do Erin proud here, though.

Erin's routine reminds me so much of how I used to do my makeup before I got old and lazy and couldn't bother with more than like six products anymore, much less liquid eyeliner. My liquid liner technique is so rusty, people. That Stellar pen has a nice finish and the formula is stay-put, but IMHO, the tip is not quite flexible enough for beginners or those who are totally out of practice (like yours truly). Those two wings were about as even as my skin tone at the end of summer. Which is to say, not very.

I did appreciate that while the skin finish I typically go for is dewy to the point of wet, Erin's is a little more healthy and balanced. The Physician's Formula foundation she uses has a matte finish (I liked it!), and her combination of cream and powder highlighters offers the perfect amount of non-greasy glow (as opposed to me slathering Glossier Haloscope all over my face until I look like a Krispy Kreme doughnut). Her Kora Organics cream highlight was my favorite of the three-I'll definitely is getting my hands on some.

I will say the one element I missed from my own makeup routine was my weird lip color. I almost never go for a natural pink like Erin-it's always orange, or bright red, or '90s brown. Overall, I will say her makeup is definitely more approachable than mine: a great option for a date! I also learned that I definitely need to step my liquid liner game back up, because that was just embarrassing.

Shop Erin's signature look:

Physicians Formula The Healthy Foundation $13ShopAnastasia Beverly Hills Powder Bronzer $28ShoptheBalm Bahama Mama $20 $19ShopNars Free Soul Highlighting Blush $30ShopTheBalm Hot Mama! $19ShopCocokind Collective Highlighters $33ShopKora Organics Rose Quartz Luminizer $28ShopTheBalm Mary Lou Manizer $23ShopStellar Hyper Eyeliner Liquid Pen Medusa $21ShopDior Show Mascara $30ShopNars Orgasm Afterglow Lip Balm $28Shop

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