The 5 Biggest Insults You Can Say to a Beauty Fanatic

Beauty fanatics. You know who they are. You may be one yourself. They're the gals that know the fastest route to every Sephora in the county, the friends that have never met a lipstick shade they didn't have to try, the steady-handed pals that apply liquid liner during their commute, and the ultimate cosmetic adventurers.

Around here, we know what it means to be passionate about all things beauty, and we also know exactly how to push a beauty lover's buttons.

Speaking from very personal past experience (ahem), here are five ways to insult a beauty fanatic.В


ВЂњOh, that's an interesting lipstick.”

Ah, the word “interesting” is a tricky one-somehow a non-compliment, borderline insult all wrapped up into one passive-aggressive little package. If you don't like someone's lipstick, eye shadow, blush, and so on, keep mum. If you do, never tell them it's an “interesting” shade. Trust us.


"Your fake eyelashes look so good.”

A beauty lover knows that enhancements-like fake lashes and hair extensions-should look as natural as possible. Acknowledging their faux accouterment is a fast way to let a beauty girl know her look is anything but subtle.


ВЂњYou look tired.”

Truth be told, this is an insult for all humans-not just beauty fanatics. That said, being told you look exhausted is even worse for beauty gurus, since they should know how to mask the effects of a sleepless night with strategic concealer and eye makeup. Our advice: Just refrain from using this phrase ever. You'll save egos and emotional strife.


ВЂњWow, you must be going somewhere with that fancy makeup.”

Some people just don't understand that life is an occasion, worthy of sassy lipstick, a spritz of perfume, and just a little extra effort. Just because a gal has her makeup and hair done does not mean she's required to attend a formal affair. Wednesdays at the office deserve glamour too, okay?


ВЂњThat makeup looks great on you, but I could never pull it off.”

This statement translates loosely to: “Wow, I would never wear my makeup like that.” While we strongly support everyone's right to her own cosmetic preferences, announcing that you'd never wear your makeup like someone else is at best awkward, and at worst offensive.