23 Secret Uses For Your Everyday Beauty Products

We're all about a good makeup multi-tasker. Cream blush, lipstick, and concealer top our list of makeup must-haves, but that's just the low-hanging fruit when it comes to beauty products with bonus benefits. Many of your trusted everyday beauty essentials have so much more to offer-beyond the realm of beauty. Raid your medicine cabinets and cosmetic cases, because we're going to give you an alternative use (or two) for everything from your body oil to your eye shadow brushes.
Flip through to find out secret uses your favorite products have been hiding from you!

Perfume As Nail Polish Remover

When your polish is a mess and you're fresh out of remover (why don't they sell the stuff in bulk?), use perfume to remove your polish. Yes, it will be the most expensive nail polish remover you've ever used, but desperate times. We recommend tapping into your collection of samples that you'll never end up wearing for this one.

Deodorant To Prevent Blisters

A swipe of deodorant will do you more than keep you smelling fresh as a daisy. It will also prevent blisters. Before you head out for the night in new shoes, apply some deodorant to the heels of your feet. You'll come home blister-free.

Mascara To Camouflage Roots

In between color appointments? Dark-haired beauties, use mascara to touch up your roots and cover grays. Sorry, blondies this one is a no-go for you. May we suggest a hat?

Toothbrush To Clean Jewelry

Use an old toothbrush to scrub your jewels into the sparkling stunners they're meant to be. An old toothbrush also makes a great lip exfoliator, just get it wet or add a little petroleum jelly and sugar for extra buffing power.

Shaving Cream As Stain Remover

If your assortment of cleaning supplies is as grim as ours, you'll appreciate this one. Shaving cream can be used to tackle makeup stains. So, before you give up on your foundation-stained rug (oops!), take a can of shaving cream to the spot. Just save your delicate fabrics for the professionals.

Flat Iron To Remove Wrinkles

Use your flat iron to smooth wrinkles in your clothes. (Because who really has time to whip out the ironing board at 7 am?) Remember to watch the heat settings though. If your fancy flat iron gets up to 450 degrees, you could do some damage.

Setting Powder As Dry Shampoo

When showering is simply out of the question, and your aerosol can starts spitting out air, raid your makeup bag for loose powder. A dusting of translucent powder will soak up oil on your roots and serve as your stand-in dry shampoo for the day.

Toothpaste As Silver Polish

Who needs fancy shmancy silver polish when you've got toothpaste? Any regular, old white toothpaste will do the trick, but avoid gels and whitening formulas.

Nail Polish To Fix Scuffs

If your shoes ended up paying the price for last weekend's tequila shot extravaganza, head straight for the nail polish. Find the color that matches your “heavily worn-in” heels, and use it to touch up any scuffs.

Razor To De-Pill Clothes

You only need one product to say goodbye to both spiky leg hair and pilly sweaters. Run a razor over your old, fuzzy sweater to keep it looking new. A foot pumice will also get the job done.

Coconut Oil To Heal Cuts

What can't coconut oil do? Pretty sure the answer to that question is nothing. Exhibit A: coconut oil makes an excellent ointment for cuts and scrapes, thanks to its anti-bacterial and healing properties.

Hairspray To De-Static Clothes

Watch your back, Static Guard. Hairspray works just as well for keeping clingy dresses from sticking to your body.

Eye Shadow Brush To Clean Your Keyboard

A clean keyboard is a happy keyboard. Okay, maybe we're the only ones who say that, but there's no denying keyboards can get a little grubby. Enter: the eye shadow brush. Use it to dust between keys (and other tiny spots) for a clean workspace.

Lip Balm As Brow Wax

You may not always have brow gel on hand, but when was the last time you left the house without lip balm? That's what we thought. And that's all you need because unruly brows are no match for your trusty ChapStick.

Shampoo As Makeup Brush Cleaner

You could buy makeup brush cleaner or you could just use shampoo. Lather up with any gentle shampoo next time your brushes need a bath.

Toner To Remove Self Tanner

Self tanner streaks? Wipe them out with toner. Rubbing alcohol will work too, but toner is much gentler.

Body Oil To Polish Leather

Use a tiny amount of body oil to polish leather goods. It'll give your boots a nice shine, remove water stains, and even provide a bit of waterproof protection. Use it on wood furniture too-way chicer than Pledge.

Cold Cream As Eye Makeup Remover

Cold cream is one of those products with a million and one uses. From face masks to moisturizer, it packs a host of skincare options, but its ability to totally eliminate any and all eye makeup takes the cake.

Aloe Vera As Makeup Primer

Forgot to pack face primer on your tropical vacation, or maybe you're just looking for an all-natural alternative? Use aloe vera. It hydrates and smooths skin, and the gel actually does help keep makeup in place.

Vaseline To Remove Gum

Yes, Goo-Gone is one of the greatest inventions known to man. But it's also one of those products that you buy, use once, and then can never find again. Next time you're in a sticky situation, take Vaseline to the issue. It will remove gum and gunk from your shoes, your clothes, and even your hair.

Witch Hazel To Treat In-Grown Hairs

Witch hazel is a miracle healer that's usually used to treat minor cuts and scrapes, but it's also a great ally in the fight against in-grown hairs.

Neosporin As Zit Cream

Neosporin can do it all-including heal blemishes. Dab it on a breakout to kill the bacteria without drying out your skin, and calm inflammation.

Hydrogen Peroxide As An Oral Rinse

Kill germs and whiten teeth with hydrogen peroxide. Just a one-minute swish with 3% hydrogen peroxide (that's the kind you probably already have in your medicine cabinet) will leave your mouth feeling clean and your teeth sparkling. Plus, it doesn't burn like Listerine.
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