This K-Beauty Eyebrow Thickener Is Going Viral on Instagram

It's not usual for us to veer far from our traditional brow products. We test out various different brands and formulasВ often(some of them pass the test, some don't), butВ we always turn back to old favorites like Anastasia Beverly HillsВ Brow WizВ ($21), Nyx CosmeticsВ Micro Brow PencilВ ($10), and Benefit'sВ Clear Brow GelВ ($24).

Clearly, we'll try any kind of brow formula-whether pencil, pomade, or gel-and that includes the newest class of brow product which is currently going viral on Instagram. We're talking aboutВ a specific type of brow gelВ that once applied acts similar toВ brow extensions. It thickens and lengthens your natural set of arches (but with temporary results), thanks to the hundreds of tiny hair-like fibers found inside.

Vogue Korea posted this video, with the caption "Considering the fact that eyebrows are face's natural frame, how your eyebrows look can determine how the rest of your face looks. Try #Reallyyy's eyebrow extension to fill your empty brow area." The K-beauty brand that makes this particular product is called Reallyyy, andВ it definitely left us intrigued.

At the time of publication, the video had over 1.2 million likes and over a thousand comments. We can see why. The product, which upon first glance looks like any other tinted brow gel, is actually full of minuscule fibers. It sets your natural brow hairs with its gel consistency while also bolstering them with the fibers' extra thickness. Plus, from the video, it looks like it won't budge after it dries (because who would want to worry about their eyebrows shedding throughout the day?).

This fiber formula is more widely seen in mascara products. (It works the same way.) When the fibers are swiped onto the lashes, they lengthen and volumize the natural set under cover of black or brown pigment. Although, people seem to be less familiar with fiber brow gels even though there are many options currently on the market.

Pointing out the fact that other fiber brow gel options exist was a direct attempt to lessen the following blow: This specific K-beauty pick isn't available for purchase in the U.S. yet. (Why must certain international products be so difficult to come by?) Luckily, we have a few recommendations for substitutes. Try Tom Ford Fiber Brow Gel ($49) o, for a budget-friendly option, look to Maybelline Brow Precise Fiber Volumizer ($9).

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