Is Magnesium the Answer to Our Oily Skin Woes? Here Are the Facts

How often do you hear about the importance of magnesium in your body? Not enough. For some reason, this necessary nutrient is often overlooked, yet it's so essential to keeping our bodies healthy. "We like to think of magnesium as the body's mineral powerhouse, as one of the most abundant minerals in the human body," explains Rebecca Killian, executive vice president of creative at skincare company SweatWellth. "It plays several important roles in the health of your body and brain. In other words, it is essential for life and your everyday beauty routine."

Now, let's talk magnesium for skin. "Magnesium is a skincare mineral miracle," says Killian. "In fact, it's considered 'the mineral of beauty' in traditional Chinese medicine. Magnesium helps restore and acts as a natural cellular protectant; facilitates safe and effective detoxification; provides relief from aches, pains, and spasms; and encourages healthy skin tissue growth."


Magnesium Prevents Wrinkles

"MagnesiumВ is necessary for the enzymes that regulate DNA replication and repair," explains Killian. "Without it, the skin is subject to a host of harmful free radical damage and inflammation. In other words, fine lines and wrinkles."В

Magnesium Reduces Breakouts

"Magnesium helps reduce inflammation caused by any type of injury, including those created by acne-causing bacteria invading the skin," says Killian.В

Magnesium Fights Skin Allergens

"Eczema is often a sign of a magnesium deficiency," explains Killian."When magnesium levels are low, the body begins to produce histamines. Histamines create itchy skin and red blotches, and nobody wants that. Along with histamine production, magnesium deficiency also results in lower levels of fatty acids on the skin. This reduces elasticity and moisture and creates the perfect condition for dryness and inflammation."

When You're Magnesium Deficient…

"Lack of magnesium in our body can make us feel weaker and age faster due to impairment of protein synthesis and possible initiation of inflammatory responses," explains Ebru Karpuzoglu, MSc, Ph.D., immunologist and founder of health-conscious skincare line AveSeena. "Magnesium deficiency results in anВ uneven skin tone, a decrease in elasticity, and a loss of moisture, which creates the perfect environment for dryness, inflammation, and aging free radical damage."

Magnesium Skincare Products

"When used topically, magnesium can help to facilitate gentle detoxification, control odor, calm irritated skin, and soothe sore muscles," confirms Aliya Dhalla, skincare expert and founder of clean beauty line Mabrook & Co. "It is a key ingredient in many of our natural deodorant formulas for these precise reasons. Overall, using products containing magnesium on your skin such as an oil, lotion, bath salt, or deodorant can help increase overall magnesium levels in the body, especially when combined with a healthy, whole-food diet rich in dietary forms of magnesium."

Killian suggests SweatWellth Lip Quench Electrolyte Balm ($13). "This balm replenishes vital minerals and essential nutrients to keep lips moisturized all day long," says Killian. "It's loaded with magnesium, sodium, potassium, calcium, and encapsulated electrolyte technology. Electrolytes are key to the retention of fluids and proper fluid balance contributes to optimal performance."

In conclusion, Magnesium is essential for your optimal health. "Magnesium supports the immune system, heart, nerve and muscle function, hormone and blood sugar regulation, and mood," says Dhalla. "Many of us are not getting enough magnesium through food sources. Our skin is the largest organ in our body, and it plays a huge role in temperature regulation, detoxification, and it has absorptive capabilities. What we put on our skin can ultimately end up in our bloodstream." In short, magnesium for your skin will do you more good in the long run.