7 Hairstyles for Hats That Will Look Perfect Under Your Fashion Beret

The beanie, beret, and page-boy hat-aside from keeping our ears toasty-warm-are also essential winter tools for concealing dirty or lifeless locks. Plus, according to our friends at Pinterest, searches for these cold-weather hairstyles are up 208%.

So, what to do? Our tip is to play with some subtle variations that still feel cozy and won't take forever to create.В

Seven Hat-Inclusive Hairstyle Ideas

Alix de Beer

Loose Braid

We love the undoneВ look of Joan Smalls's braid-you really have to look twice to see that it's there. Follow her lead by gathering your hair loosely to one side and braiding the bottom half of it. Let some strands fall out of place,В etВ voilГ .

Akane Takahashi

Tousled Bob

It's official: Blunt bobs somehow look good withВ everything. Our only advice is to really amp up the volume so your hat doesn't overshadow the short hair underneath. Use a liberal amount of Bumble and Bumble's Dryspun FinishВ ($31) in conjunction with a curling iron.В

Urban Outfitters

Low Bun

Yes, youВ can wear an updo with a beanie! Go for a loose chignon or low bun, andВ wear your hat a little further back from your forehead than you normally would. Let some front strands fall loose, and you're good to go.В


Natural Curls

Your natural texture looks great peeking out fromВ underneath a hat-but in order to keep the fabric from roughing upВ your curls, opt for a silk-lined or silk-blend hat if you can.

Urban Outfitters

Easy, Breezy Waves

For that barely polished cool-girl look, use a wide-barreled curling iron to give your hair some subtle bend. Use a flexible hairspray likeВ R+Co's Outer SpaceВ ($32) to keep the look intact.

Josh Olins

Tucked In

For those days when the mane is just a lost cause,В tie it up and tuck it all into your hat instead.В


Next-Day Hair

But again, we still love the classic way to wear the beanie: no fuss, cozy, and cool. (And concealing those un-shampooed roots? The ultimate bonus.)