Introducing Obsessee, the Social-Only Magazine You Need in Your Life Pronto

Getty/Christian Vierig

Ready for the ultimate #FF?В Brace yourselves-Obsessee, the newest “little sister” publication of Byrdie, Who What Wear, and MyDomaine is here, and it's a game changer.В

“Obsessee is a content destination for cool young girls,” saysВ social media director Michelle Plantan. “We will be covering everything from culture to music to fashion to food to art to beauty to friendship and more. We're committed to kind, cool, and honest content that enriches and inspires our readers and followers-and we're doing it all on social media.”В

That's right-instead of having its own URL, Obsessee lives on Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram, and Snapchat (aka the platforms where we spend most of our time anyway, right?). Just like magazines have made their way online, Obsessee is taking dot-com to social media and deliveringВ all kinds of exclusive content, covering everything from fashion and art to friendship,В culture, and dating.В Oh, and beauty, of course: Tune in for all kinds of fun DIYs and products recs, too.

Because Obsessee lives onВ such dynamic platforms, there are so many cool ways to engage with its editors. You might listen to the coolest new bands on Snapchat, participate in a live Q&A with an up-and-coming artist on Facebook, and read anВ essay about the travails of dating on Tumblr all in the same day.В Ready to tap into this awesome new universe? Sit back, throw on a mask, and start browsingВ Obsessee on all your social channels now:





Instagram:В @Obsessee

Snapchat:В @Obsessee