The Best Berry Lipsticks for Every Skin Tone


How much do we love berry lipstick? Let us count the ways… Is it the fact that they're blue-based by nature, making teeth look whiter? Or that there's just such a wide variety of hues that fall under the "berry" umbrella in general? It could be that even though you can play up the drama by picking different tones, in the end, they're always classic, standby shades.

But even with all of the above in mind, we think the winning attribute of berry lip colors is this: They tend toВ work on all skin tones.В While it's virtually impossible to take a one-size-fits-all approach to lip color, berryВ comes pretty close-it's the LBD of lipstick, if you will. That being said, there are some variations of berry that are more universally flattering than others.В



This vampy hue-characterized by a deep, purply-red-amps up the drama no matter what your skin tone.

Those with olive-colored skin should opt for a hue that's slightly purple toned since too much red can give your skin a greenish cast.


Sheer Berry

Anyone can take onВ this incredibly forgiving, natural approach, since you're simply adding a little more flush to your natural color. Once you find your favorite pinkish tint, play around with layering and saturation.



Many associate raspberry with red, but it's actually more of a deep, rosy pink. Ladies with caramel or medium-dark skin: This looks particularly pretty on you.



A hair lighter than burgundy, maroon-ish plum should be a part of everyone's collection-the color justВ always works. You can opt for a delicate, romantic stain like the one seen here (try applying it with your finger for a similar effect), or take it to the next level with a super-saturated pout.



As far as reds go, deep cranberry has quite the flattering effect on your smile: Thanks to blue undertones and its deep, rich hue, it tends to make your teeth look whiter by contrast.В This shade also works well on all skin tones, but looks particularly flattering on both deep and porcelain complexions.