8 Halloween Makeup Ideas for When You Want to Wear All Black

We'll level with you: Putting together an epic, over-the-top Halloween costume each year is no easy task, and more often than we'd like to admit, we resort to throwing on a black dress, buying cat ears, and calling it a day. But this year, we refuse to believe that an on-point costume has to rack up your credit card bill or that an all-black outfit has to equate to a boring costume. To prove it to you, we combed through the coolest Instagrams to find the best inspoВ for Halloween makeup to go with your all-black ensemble.

Check out our favorites below, including a high-fashion witch and a celestial skeleton.

Punk Rock Vampire

Take an interesting spin on everyone's favorite cop-out costume by adding a heavy, grungy component to a classic vampire look. You'll want to create a bold, smudged smoky eye with a deep-black kohl liner (we loveВ MAC's). To really nail the mouth, we suggest using a super-pigmented blood-red matte lipstick that'll stay put all night, likeВ NarsВ Powermatte Lip PigmentВ ($26) in Starwoman.


Combine fake abrasions andВ tons of highlighter for an incredible zombie ensemble. Look no further thanВ 3rd Degree's Silicone Molding CompoundВ ($32) to craft crazy-realistic wounds and gashes andВ BenefitВ Watt's UpВ ($30) for creamy, dewy definition.

Edie Sedgwick

Super easy to pull off and incredibly chic, Edie Sedgwick is one of our favorite costumes. The key is crafting the perfect '60s-esqueВ makeup, which requires a dramatic, sweeping cat eye (we suggest using Maybelline'sВ Eye Studio Master Precise Liquid Eyeliner, $8). Pair your eyeliner with thick, over-the-topВ false eyelashesВ and you're well on your way to becoming a Warhol muse.


Sure, you've probably worn your fair share of cat costumes by now, but try switching it up this year by paying close attention to your brows. Fill in your arch using a tinted brow gel like Essence'sВ Make Me BrowВ ($3), and use a white eyeliner pencil to create the illusion of cat-like hairs.


Who says a monster costume has to call for terrifying makeup? We love the idea of pairing a bold, monster-like mouth with an incredibly pretty, glossy smoky eye. We suggest combining Butter London'sВ Glazen Eye GlossВ ($24) with a shimmery Urban DecayВ Eye ShadowВ ($19).

Elphaba From Wicked

Unlike the matte face paint you used as a child, this look calls for a glossy finish. Try highlighting your lids and cheekbones by gently tapping a beauty balm into your skin, like Glossier'sВ Balm Dot ComВ ($12) or Lano Lips'В 101 OintmentВ ($17).

Celestial Skeleton

Up your skeleton game by incorporating a celestial, glittery element. Try working a subtle amount of glitter, like Nyx'sВ Face and Body GlitterВ ($6),В into the white areas of your makeup for a fun pop.


Make your all-black outfit shine with a full face of galaxy-esqueВ makeup. Face paint is your calling card with this look, and we suggest opting for a palette like Mehron'sВ Makeup ParadiseВ ($40)В for optimal results.

Next up: more easy Halloween makeup ideas.