How a Professional Hand Model Makes Her Hands Look Younger


Ellen Sirot is famous, but you probably wouldn't recognize her-not her face at least.

The "parts model" (yes, that's a thing) has been modeling her feet and hands for more than 25 years and has been featured in numerous ads for companies such as American Express and Sally Hansen. In recent years, she's focused more so on modeling her hands, but once they started showing signs of aging, she began to lose work. She tells Allure, "It was devastating. I wanted to figure out how to get my job back."

And get it back she did. After taking out a second mortgage on her home and not sleeping "for four years," she launched her own line, Hand Perfection, in 2006. Sirot claims that the line works so well, she was able to book jobs again.В

Because of the success of Hand Perfection, Sirot launched her own eponymous lineВ that spans much wider than just hand creams-there's a slew of face, eye, and body products ranging from serums to washes, to moisturizers because SirotВ noticed that the skin on her hands was looking much better than her face, so she extended her knowledge of nourishing skincare productsВ to the rest of her body.

To keep her hands looking magazine- and television-ready, she slathers cream onВ multiple times a day and wears rubber gloves when doing the dishes or anything laborious. She's also incredibly cautious when working with anything sharp like knives or glass just in case. Hey, when your hands are your livelihood, you've got to be cautious.В

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