March Letter From the Editor: International Woman

Delmaine Donson / Getty Images–í

When you hear the term "international woman," who comes to mind? Is she someone who lives a transcontinental lifestyle, splitting her time between two bustling cities (one for work and one for "inspiration")? Is she someone whose job requires her to travel often, her sleek carry-on always at the ready? Or perhaps she's one of those women-you know the ones-who seem to exit the womb worldly and cultured, spouting off Baudelaire at the random (in perfect French, naturally), speaking at least two different languages (she'd say three, but she's still working on nailing her intonation in Mandarin), and playing Rachmaninoff's preludes on the piano as a way to de-stress from the day (though she loves her Bach equally). An international woman is well traveled; she's had experiences. She's someone who induces existential crises in all of us when we see her Instagram post from yet another spontaneous trip to Greece or read her thoughtful Medium essays about how a life of constant travel can come with unexpected downsides (such as not developing roots or feeling just so incredibly untethered at times).

Here's a thought: We are all international women. Not the one we just described above (though please call us when you're back from Bali so we can hear about the perfect sticky rice you had on your second day), but rather that all of us have the world at our fingertips, and we're more cognizant than ever about the way our sisters across the pond live, work, and play. And as beauty lovers, we're even more united. A love for beauty-however you interpret the word-is universal, and thus, we are all citizens of a global beauty nation. With that in mind, we're declaring our March theme International Woman, in celebration of women around the world who are curious, who consume, who are insatiable when it comes to discovery, inspiration, and knowledge-in celebration of you.

In our first-ever international series, 31 Days, 31 Perspectives, we're handing the mic to 31 empowered, inspiring women from all over the world to share their beauty routines, wellness tips, and traditions from their own culture, from Nigeria to Hong Kong. (And don't forget to check Byrdie's Instagram, where they'll be taking over our Stories each day to give you a firsthand look at their favorite hometown beauty shopping destinations, go-to facial treatments, and more-no passport needed.) Our March Beauty Testwill have an international peg, featuring not one, but three models, all from different backgrounds, who'll be giving us a look into their own beauty routines and their own country's beauty secrets. And each day on Byrdie.com, you'll find stories showcasing the diverse and wonderful way women all over the world take pride in their beauty, wellness, and fitness routines, from the one superfood Finnish women swear by to ancient Chinese skincare secrets you can still use today (if you like jade rolling, you'll love what we're going to share).

International woman. She's you.

-Faith Xue