Every New Yorker Needs to Visit the Fenty Beauty Pop-Up This Weekend-Here's Why

If you love exclusive, time-sensitive availability, gorgeous makeup, and an impromptu shopping session, listen up. Because we're (or rather, Team Fenty Beauty is) about to marry all three of your best worlds. In case you haven't yet heard the news (which is like a magnitude-seven earthquake on the beautyВ industry's Richter scale), Fenty Beauty will be releasingВ aВ full, eye-centric assortment of makeup (think a spicy palette of shadows, liner, eye primer, and two new application brushes) globally on July 6. Of course, this is fabulous news for theВ brand's fan base, but the mere thought of having to wait until after the Fourth of July makes us itch with impatience and anticipation. But wait.В


We just received word that during Fenty Beauty's NYC pop-up June 26 through 29 (that's tomorrow, friends!), guests will have exclusive access to the new collection exactly one week before the rest of the world.

"For three days only-and for the first time anywhere-it's a full Fenty-fied pop-up shop, all dressed up with a sultry, sexy Moroccan spice market vibe," says a representative of the brand. And the good news doesn't stop there. Not only will the pop-up feature the Rihanna-curated newness, but it will also feature the entire line of products. Thus, you can try and buy everything on your current wish list and stock up the palettes and potions you already love.В

Now all you need to know is where to go. Each day of the pop-up will feature a new locale, so check above for the location closest to where you keep your wallet and Starbucks card. (Because a highВ amount of caffeine will most definitely be necessary.)В

That being said, if you're not an NYC resident, fear not. The line will still launch on July 6 (hey, something to look forward to after the Fourth!), and you'll be able to fully indulgeВ in latest and greatest from Rihanna. However, we do suggest hustling on launch day because if history repeats itself, there may be one or two sellouts.В

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