This Is the 2018 Version of Your Old Marshmallow Glitter Pouf

Rihanna is just everything, and she proves herself to be the epitome of that time and time again. You know, like, dominating worldwide music records, creating ultimate cool-girl fashion lines, and spearheading the overarching success of Fenty Beauty. NBD. A few days ago, Rihanna had us all on the edge of our seats and glued to our phones when she dropped the teaser to two new Fenty Beauty products on Instagram. There's a theme: glitter galore. She was promoting two new shimmery body oils called Body Lava and a body product you can use to apply them, called Fairy Bomb, which looks like a fluffy pom-pom. Ringing a bell? Nineties kids will know what I mean.

Fenty Beauty

Throwback much? The nostalgic feels are coming in strong and bringing back fond (and glittery) memories of the iconic body glitter puff from the Benefit Cosmetics Kitten Line that every '90s kid wanted. It was a cult-favorite product.

Benefit Cosmetics

Remember how this delightful little puff ball smelled like sweet flowers and was full of shimmer, allowing our pre-teen glitter dreams to come true? Same. Thanks to Rihanna, '90s glitter is having a major moment again, and we can now relive those distant-feeling times. Call it a comeback, if you will.

I mean, look at her glow.

This Fairy Bomb Pom Pom is dropping tonight at midnight on, and we like to think the kitten pouf will be there with us in spirit.