The Best-Selling Concealers at Target in 2017

Target is a haven for beauty lovers everywhere-the brands and products they carry are always just what you need for the beauty haul of your dreams. Not to mention the products are generally quite affordable, so you don't break the bank whenever you treat yourself to a new beauty product.

The only issue is the sheer volume of offerings-it can feel like a mission every time you go in to find a product that's right for you, especially when it comes to concealer. Everyone has their specifics that need to be met, and finding your concealer match made in heaven can be a long process if you're surrounded by hundreds of options.

Thankfully, Target has shared with us its top-selling concealers of 2017 so you can find your ideal match, just like the rest of the store's shoppers. With diverse brands that carry a wide range of shades and formulas, you're bound to discover a concealer that's perfect for you. Click through to find out which concealers sold the most in 2017.


NYX Professional Makeup HD Concealer Wand, $5

From beauty professionals to everyday makeup-wearers and everyone in between, NYXs concealer formula is a great match. In 12 stunning shades, the concealer actively covers blemishes, discoloration, and under-eye circles without being too heavy or cakey. Your skin is left looking photogenic and flawless, and according to Target shopper Val, this is a perfect dupe for Urban Decay's concealer: "Definitely happy with the great price from Target!"


Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Eraser Dark Circles + Treatment, $8

Dark circles, begone. Maybelline's high-intensity concealer features a micro-corrector applicator that resembles a beauty sponge at the tip of the product and applies on evenly and smoothly, blurring over any fine lines that may be resting on the surface of your skin. Target reviewer Rachel gave us some serious inspiration, saying "I also use it as a face highlight. It's nice and creamy-blends in with basically no work." This concealer is multiuse and affordable-no wonder it was a top seller this year.


NeutrogenaВ SkinClearing Blemish Concealer, $7

This concealerВ promises natural-looking coverage that clears up acne and blemishes on your skin while lasting all day long-and it delivers. "Neutrogena did something right by creating this concealer," says Target user Face Expert. "My complexion has noticeably improved, not to mention the easy application, the excellent coverage, and the natural-looking finish." The product comes complete with salicylic acid, working all day long to reduce the size and redness of any spots on your skin.


Almay Clear Complexion Concealer, $7

Similar to the previous formula, Almay's variation works around the clock to improve the look of your skin while clearing your complexion. Target shopper Confident Consumer shares that she's struggled with acne and discoloration her whole adolescent life, but upon discovering Almay's concealer has "finally found a product that she can use to hide nasty scarring and blemishes without causing any more breakouts."


L'Oreal Paris True Match Super-Blendable Concealer, $6

Finding a concealer that does everything may seem impossible, but L'OrГ©al's concealer challenges that claim. It hides any blemishes and imperfections, evens skin tone, restores brightness, and smoothes over any creases or fine lines for a flawless finish at a fraction of the cost of its luxury competitors. One Target user found another use for this concealer: "It's very blendable, so I've even used it to contour elsewhere on my face." The product comes in a large range of shades, making it incredibly inclusive to all skin tones and perfect for highlighting, contouring, and, of course, concealing.


L'OrГ©al Paris True Match Crayon Concealer, $6

L'OrГ©al's True Match line has been a drugstore favorite ever since its debut, so it should be no surprise that two products from the line have made their way into Target's top sellers of 2017. The crayon concealer is great for anything that might need covering up, no matter the size. The tip gives customizable coverage, and the creamy formula covers up virtually anything. "It covers up under-eye circles very nicely-much better than other products," says product reviewer LoZZara. Take it from us: This concealer is amazing for whatever you might need.


Maybelline SuperStay Better Skin Concealer, $9

Concealer can fade throughout the day, even if it was partnered with a setting powder, so Maybelline came up with the SuperStay concealer to fix that problem for good. It's so long-lasting that it even stays on while swimming, according to ReikiMother, a Target customer. This product is a hybrid concealer-meets-corrector, covering any unwanted redness or blemishes while working double-time to correct these problems within three weeks. Simply blend it in with your fingers for perfect results.


Nyx Color Correcting Palette, $6

Sometimes a concealer just isn't enough to get the job done. When that's the case, Nyx's color-correcting palette is exactly what you need for a flawless complexion. Complete with six different shades, the palette offers solutions to all of your skin problems, from redness to under-eye circles. If you don't deem yourself a makeup artist and the idea of color correcting scares you, never fear-says Target reviewer AceBlack, "It's great to have this affordable palette for color-correcting. It's a great way to try the technique."

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