Reviewed: OGX Moroccan Sea Salt Spray

As beauty editors, we get bombarded with a ton of new products every day (we know-tough life). “Reviewed” is a new series where we report on some of the best products we've tried. Whether it's a drugstore lipstick that lasted all day or a hand cream that saved us this winter, you'll find all of our favorites in this column. Enjoy!

There are certain beauty products that are off-limits based on the realities of your life. I've always felt sadly unable to dabble in the world of sea salt sprays, because I don't have the kind of hair that would respondВ to them the way they're made to be responded to. My hair is coarse, dry, insanely frizzy, and naturally curly, so a sea salt spray has always seemedВ impractical. Rather than the sexy, piecey, beachy texture they create on other types of hair, all I'd get when I experimentedВ is drier strands, unruly tangles, andВ unwanted frizz. That is until OGX Moroccan Sea Salt spray came alongВ and changed that.В

I was recently in the chair of hair master Jon Reyman, the founder of Spoke & Weal salons, former Aveda artistic director, and lead stylist of 30 fashion shows per New York Fashion Week-i.e., he's an absolute hair genius and mane manipulator. I was lamenting my sad inability to use sea salt sprays (#thestruggleisreal, #beautyproblems), and he told me, "No, with your hair type, you can totally use a sea salt spray; youВ just haveВ to use oil after. That's the key.В The sprayВ will be too dry, so just use it in tandem with an oil, and you can get what you want." And that's when I remembered OGX's Moroccan Sea Salt Spray ($8) from the Byrdie beauty closetВ and realized howВ ingenuitive a product it was: a texturizing sea salt surf mist and oil in one. The spray itself isВ imbued with Moroccan argan oil, so you can just use it alone.В It must have been invented for girls with curls like me! Girls who want tamed texture.В

I went home and tried it on a fresh blowout (which shows just how much faithВ I had in the product, because I don't easilyВ risk ruining a blowout),В and sure enough, it gave me soft, touchable waves-not coarse, crispy dry strands or static. I was basically in shock. I essentiallyВ just misted it through random sectionsВ and used my fingers to twist and enhance a little bit of bend. I didn't want to get it too wet and risk reactivating my curl. The product says it achieves "perfectly undoneВ summer hair," which is exactly the look I am always going for and pretty close to the look it gave me. It just looked a bit more tousled andВ bedhead-y, without any craziness.

In my opinion, the invention of a sea salt spray with a built-in moisturizing oil is nothing short of genius-and I give my props to OGXВ for this product. The product is really lightweight andВ also smells incredible, but it is probably best for thicker, dryer hair types, as I read online that people with fine, limp hair find it to be greasy (which is almost incomprehensible to me, given how it worked on my hair, but I have a horse's mane, so you could probably put actual grease in it without making it feel greasy).В I haven't tried it on wet hair yet, but I'm hoping it can do something similarly awesome to my curls. It's also delightfully cheap at $8.В