You Are What You Eat: This is How Fast Your Diet Affects Your Face


We all know there are supposedly foods that negatively affect the way you look. That first mirror check the morning after a late, booze-filled night is proof enough. But just how long does it take for one's diet to affect their skin? And if you give these foods up, when will you be able to notice a positive change in your skin? I chatted with Dana James, functional medicine practitioner from Food Coach NYC, to find out.

“If you have an undetected gluten sensitivity, it can make your face puffy due to its inflammatory response. It will show up within two hours. The remedy is to drink a green juice made with cucumber and parsley, as both act as a diuretic and help clear the inflammatory debris from the body.”

“Dairy products can make your skin break out because they change how testosterone and estrogen are regulated in the body. This will show up the next day. The only time my skin breaks out is after I eat yogurt! There isn't much you can do, except to wait it out and keep your diet very dairy-light.”

“Fried food, including those 10 fries you stole from your friend's plate, will show up on your face-your skin will appear sallow and oily. Fried food changes the cell membrane structure, making it harder for the skin cells to eliminate their waste. It'll show up about 12 hours after you consume it. Drink a turmeric tonic to help bring clarity back to the skin.”

“If you need dessert every night as a wind-down to your day, be warned, you'll see it in about six to eight hours. Regular consumption of sugar breaks down collagen and elastin, leading to crows feet and fine lines. Satisfy your sweet cravings with kombucha, like Health Aid Pink Lady Apple ($8). Kombucha contains probiotics, which help restore the microbiome for a more youthful complexion.”

“One too many cocktails and you'll know it. The skin is red, parched, and blotchy. This can happen almost immediately, if you're prone to redness, or by the next morning. Hydrate with coconut water or a green juice made with cucumber, fennel, and cilantro. Drink consistently throughout the day to put oxygen back into the skin.”