The Tiny Tattoo Trend That's Popular in Spain Right Now

Helix tattoos are trending in Spain. How do we know? Well, Pinterest told us so. They are so popular that this year Pinterest has seen a whopping 500% rise in searches for these tiny ear tattoos. We called on Mercedes ValgaГ±Гіn, founder of Hey Mercedes and one of Pinterest Spain's biggest bloggers, to reveal what she thinks about this tiny tattoo trend and to share an edit of her five favourite helix tattoos on Pinterest.

Now, you might think tiny tattoos are easy, but it takes real precision and artistry to get the design right and ensure the ink doesn't spread over time. If you have a tattooist in mind, ask to see examples of their smaller and more intricate work before booking in. Keep scrolling for helix tattoo inspiration.

Why Helix tattoos are trending in Spain…

"It surprises me that helix tattoos are becoming popular in Spain, but I believe they are a perfect way to introduce tattoo art to people who are still indecisive about getting a tattoo themselves," says ValgaГ±Гіn. While the tattoos are small and easily covered if you have long hair, a tattoo on your ear is a commitment. "I don't like tattoos near my head," explains ValgaГ±Гіn. "I personally like to hide my tattoos. I have some discreet line tattoos on my body, but I've never thought to get a tattoo on my ears."

If you're intrigued and perhaps a little tempted, ValgaГ±Гіn has compiled five small, playful helix tattoos that may persuade you.

Not convinced? Ink Wear will create any design you want in any size as a transfer so you can try your helix tattoo idea on for size (from ВЈ10).

Next up, check out these tiny tattoo ideas for more inspiration.