Everybody, Get Ready: Kim Kardashian West's Newest Beauty Launch Is a Fragrance


In her usual way of doing things, Kim Kardashian West nearly broke the internet when she announced the formation of her own namesake beauty brand. How, people wondered, would this affect her relationship with her makeup-maven sister, Kylie Jenner? As it turns out, it wouldn't. Both sisters are doing just fine creating their own signature products, thank you very much. (They've even collaborated on a few shades of Kylie's Lip Kits.) While Jenner seems to stick to lip and eye products, West created contour products. The release of the CrГЁme Contour and Highlight Kits ($48) has been super successful, but now she's moving on to a much different, albeit unexpected product: fragrance. Today, she took to Instagram to tease an upcoming KKW perfume by posting a telling picture to her Instagram.

Kardashian posted this photo of white flowers on top of what looks to be a product box (or maybe an advertisement?) and captioned it with "Gardenia." Her many followers were quick to point out that the flowers shown weren't gardenias, but white orchids. Nonetheless, the post has racked up almost 500,000 likes in the short time that it's been online. Plus, because of her gardenia/orchid oversight, we have a good idea of what the scent will smell like-sweet, creamy florals.

The most telling sign of an upcoming fragrance, though, had to be that she tagged a brand-new and separate KKW Beauty fragrance account, @kkwfragrance. So far, this account is completely blank; there isn't a bio description, profile picture, or single posted photo, just the KKW name. Back on her personal account, the next post that went up after the fragrance tease was one of her classic and infamous selfies. We guess we'll have to wait to learn more. Until then, we're keeping a razor-sharp eye on her Instagram.

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