This Is It: The Only Foundation-Matching Tip You'll Ever Need

Getty/Monica Schipper

For those who have ever gotten a glimpse of themselves in the mirror only to realize their face was an entirely different color than the rest of their body, we salute you-it happens to the best of us. And that's probably because when you're in the middle of a fluorescent-lit Sephora, swatching out multiple shades of any given foundation can be a self-conscious endeavor. (The alternative: blindly trying to discern the difference between "sandy beige" and "beige beige" online.)

But makeup artists don't have time for this kind of guesswork, nor can they risk a high-profile client walking the red carpet with mismatched foundation. So naturally, folks like Bobbi Brown has some very good tricks in this arena up her talented sleeve-and thankfully was willing to divulge her secrets in a recent interview with W.

First things first: You'll need to go makeup shopping with a bare face to get it right. Then, "pick three shades close to your skin tone and apply them in two strips on your cheek," she advises. If you're in a store, head outside to check how the shades look in natural light (a pocket mirror is the most accurate course of action for this, though the selfie camera on your phone will work in a pinch). "The color that blends in with your skin is the right one," confirms Brown. Head back inside and purchase the winning shade with confidence.

Easy enough, right? Shop some of our favorite foundations below.

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