Model Ashley Hart Shares Her Beauty and Wellness Must-Haves


Ashley Hart is a rare find. Her glowing skin, megawatt smile, and nonchalant blonde waves are all part of the raw, natural beauty look that has always been uniquely hers. This could be why a brand like Swisse, which focuses on health and beauty from the inside out, chose to front her on all of its campaigns (Hart has been a brand ambassador for around five years now).

When we were given aВ snappy 15-minute interview slot with Hart, we were quick to launch into 101 beauty-related questions. But, sweet to her very core, HartВ left no detail out, fromВ the products she keeps in her handbag, to the mask she pops on after shooting to clean out her complexion. Honest and endearing, the Australian model likes to focus on her internal beauty rather than what's on the outside, practicing things likeВ journaling and meditation to keep herself grounded in an industry that can be-for lack of a better word-superficial. But with that being said, Hart still shared a fewВ choice makeup recommendations we'll be trying, stat.

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Byrdie Australia: What's your first beauty memory?

Ash Hart: It would be catching the sunlight on the ripple of the water. I remember that from when I was about 12, and I would visit my grandparents' farm in Linton. It looked like diamonds in the sun, all created by nature. I think it's one of the most beautiful things I've seen.

B: How would you describe your approach to beauty?

AH:В My personal approach to beautyВ is very raw and natural. I think it's just as important to nourish myself inside as it is on the outside. That's definitely something that's evolved as I've gotten older too. I take lots of vitamins and minerals and drink lots of water. I also meditate and make an effort to practiceВ really kind and loving thoughts towards myself.

B: Was there something that spurred this, or was it something you came to naturally?

AH:В I think what's kicked that off isВ the fact that I've been a model from a young age-obviously most of the focus is external. It very quickly had me seeking for something deeper because just focusing on my external beauty or my body didn't give me any sustained happiness. There was a lot of judgment and it drained me. I was just after more of an inner beauty.


B: How would you describe your approach to skincare?

AH:В In my teens, I had no idea. I started using all of these chemicals in makeup and skincare products because I thought it was cool. But now, I try not to put anything on my skin that I wouldn't eat. The skin is the biggest organ, so I now have a very natural approach.

B:В Are there natural ingredients you love to use?

AH:В I generally like anything natural. I put coconut oil on my face and avocado oil on my skin all the time.

B: How did you start working with Swisse?

AH: Being with the brand for so many years is amazing, we've blossomed together. We share similar views on health, life, and happiness, and I feel very grateful that I'm a part of it. It's really excitingВ watching Swisse expand and blow up overseas, too.

B: What are your three favorite Swisse products right now?

AH:В I've been using the same ones for a long time, but definitely the Deep Sea Hydrating Mist TonerВ ($12). I always use it when I'm flying, or even spray it on my face in the morning before meditation. Also, theВ Hair Nutrition for Women Supplement ($30). I have terrible breakage from years of bleaching. It's been such a hard journey nursing it back to health. I've taken the supplement for a year now and it's helped so much. Lastly, IВ love the Manuka Honey MaskВ ($21). It detoxes my skin after shoots with lots of makeup involved. I use it about once a week.


B: What beauty items do you have in your handbag no matter what?

AH:В The Deep Sea Mist, a bottle of water,В rosehip oilВ (I like to put a little on my face, knees, and hair before castings), and the SwisseВ BB Cream ($25). I always have my rose quartz with me to keep me grounded and in a place of love, too.

B: What are your daily makeup essentials?

AH:В I always use the Swisse BB Cream, and the Luma CosmeticsВ highlighter for a little glow. I love bronzer, and I always need an eyebrow gel. I use theВ Benefit oneВ ($24) to brush up my brows-It's the best. On my lips, I use a natural papaw ointment, and StilaВ cream blushВ ($25) onВ my cheeks, eye, and lips. It's the ultimate multi-tasker.


B: What's the first thing you do when you wake up in the morning?

AH:В I literally wake up, splash my face with cold water, put an oil on my face, get back into bed, and meditate for 20 minutes. Then I journal for three pages. I call them pages of "blah", it's something I learned in the book "The Artists Way." It's just whatever comes out. For three pages I don't let the pen stop. Even if I'm traveling or shooting a commercial, I'm up atВ 4 a.m. getting those two things in. If I have more time, I'll do some yoga.

B: And what about your evening routine?

AH:В I take off my makeup with micellar water, that leaves me feeling like the day is complete-especially if I've been working.В I meditate twice a day. So I'll do my afternoon meditation which cleansesВ me and sets me up for a beautiful afternoon in. I love reading-I haven't watched TV at home of a night forВ about 10 years (I got rid of it). I love cooking dinner too, that definitely calms me and makes me feel connected and creative.


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