This Conference Is a Game Changer for Beauty and Wellness Entrepreneurs

Courtesy of FounderMade

It's not a grand declaration to say that social media has changed the way we connect and the way businesses are built. A few tap-taps and you're sending a DM to the beauty brand founder you've admired for ages or reaching out to the publication you've been dying to write for. For beauty and wellness entrepreneurs, in particular, it offers them a simple, direct line to their consumers and potential partners. But, at the end of the day, we're in the camp that believes nothing will replace a person-to-person interaction-that a five-minute connection IRL can be more valuable than days of back-and-forth messages. That's why the 2018 FounderMade summit in L.A. is going to be a major game changer, whether you're a budding entrepreneur, consumer, or business owner.

The conference's mission? To build the future of consumer business through networking opportunities, educational panels, discovery loungers, and pitch challenges. Expect to hear inspiring founder stories from the founders of major brands like Honest Company and Pressed Juicery, learn about what buyers from retailers like Whole Foods look for when curating their retail locations, and connect with other passionate entrepreneurs in the food and wellness industries. We're thrilled to be participating, with Byrdie's very own editorial director (that's me!) moderating the first panel of the day: "Meet Your Match: How to Attract Top Retailers."

Learn more about FounderMade and how you can participate on the Consumer Discovery Show website, and use our special discount code-BYRDIE-to get 25% off your ticket. See you in L.A.!