This Serum Made My Skin Glow After Just One Use

As a beauty editor, it goes without saying that part of my job entails me testing a lot of different products (I know, I know… the struggle is real). One of the first things I do when a product crosses my desk is to read the label and check the ingredient list-this usually determines if the product comes home with me and joins the (alarmingly large) pile of products on my bathroom counter, or is banished to the depths of the beauty closet (where, let's be real, it'll probably get used eventually anyway-I do work in an office that is predominantly female, after all).

Which is why, when I received Korres' (beautifully packaged) Black Pine Serum ($74), I immediately opened the accompanying pamphlet and was surprised to read this statistic: “100% of women saw visibly firmer, smoother skin”. I audibly scoffed and called my co-editor Deven over in disbelief. “There's no way, right? How is that even possible? They're lying!” I declared. I kept reading the label, which claimed 100% of women also saw “visibly lifted skin” and “improved skin texture,” while 95% saw “improved skin elasticity.” I was incredulous. I was mad. I took the product home with me immediately.

Initial Thoughts

That night, I cleansed and toned as usual, then (very dubiously) applied the serum to my face. The smell, at first, was cloyingly sweet-not my favorite scent in a skin product ever, but I got over it quickly. The serum looks like an oil, but is much lighter, and like any good serum should, it absorbed almost immediately once I rubbed it in (using my newly-learned application method).

Now comes the interesting part-the effect on my skin was immediate. A couple seconds after it soaked in, I noticed that my skin felt tighter-not in a dry, “spray me with a face mist” kind of way, but more like a “I just got back from a facial and my face is glowing like the sun” way. I picked up the bottle and re-read the ingredients list (which I had skipped over in my haste to discredit its grand claims). It was full of radiance-boosting things like black pine extract, which I later learned is Korres' own patented polyphenol (a type of antioxidant with proven skin benefits), hexapeptide 11 (the first-ever natural polypeptide), three more patented active ingredients with difficult-to-pronounce names, and so many other skin-loving, natural ingredients, like black oat extract and sunflower seed oil.

The Morning After

In the morning, I woke up to smooth, bright skin-without the telltale oily sheen I usually find around my T-zone. I continued using the product for the next few days and only saw my skin get brighter, clearer, and yes, “visibly lifted.” Today, I've officially repented for my initial doubts and stand corrected as a proud member of the 100% I so brusquely dismissed (how young and naive I was!)-and my skin has never looked better.