Meet "Salad Skincare": 9 Nutrient-Rich Products That'll Feed Your Face


We all know eating a salad is good for your insides. Dark leafy greens are some of the most energizing foods available. And, in addition to being chock-full of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, they also deliver a chlorophyll boost to your digestive tract and liver, helping to rid your body of environmental toxins you ingest from metals, herbicides, pesticides, and more. Broccoli is full of nutrients and natural fiber, which makes you feel satisfied longer while helping you maintain a healthy digestive tract. Tomato offers extra carotenoidsВ like red carotenoid lycopene toВ combat the formation of free radicals. This is nothing new, right? Eating nutrient-rich foods is great for your health and body. But, what may come as a surprise is that you can use them topically as well-and the results are dramatic.

Below, we go through a few of our favorite salad ingredients and offer up reasons why you should wear them on your face as well as consume them during dinner. Each one has various superfood benefits-from hydrationВ and sun protectionВ to brightening and anti-aging. And, there are a ton of really great product offerings to getВ a proper serving of fruits and veggies on the daily. Keep scrolling to read about our favorites.В


Sweet Chef Kale + Vitamin B Fresh Pressed Sheet Mask $4Shop

This is certainly not the first you've heard of kale as a superfood-that we know-butВ it's just as potent when applied topically as it is when you eat it as part of your salad. It offers nutrients, vitamins, and antioxidants to naturally hydrate and calm your skin, and, in this product, is combined with vitamin B and aloe extract to strengthen your skin's barrier and instantly soothe. Once it's out of the package, all you have to do is apply the mask to your face (it feels like a cozy hug as it envelops your face) and leave it on for 20 minutes. Afterwards, you'll notice bouncy, soothed, hydrated skin.

Youth to the People Superfood Air-Whip Hyaluronic Acid Moisture Cream $48Shop

Packed with green leafy superfoods, including kale and spinach, Youth To The People's lightweight cream is a pleasure to apply. The texture feels whipped, airy, and comfortable, and the formula works to restore and rejuvenate your skin in one shot. The antioxidants and phytonutrients-courtesy of the kale-repairВ skinВ tissueВ and prevent free-radical damage, while hyaluronic acid infuses moisture.В What's more, all extracts included are cold pressed and sourced in the U.S. and every last drop isВ 100% vegan. Post-application, your skin will feel undoubtedly refreshed and over time smoother, stronger, and super glowy.

Pacifica Kale Detox Deep Cleaning Face Wash $10Shop

This mix of super green phytonutrients including kale, seaweed, and blue seakale, along with mangosteen (whichВ also serves upВ antioxidants and anti-inflammatory benefits) and coconut water is a godsend when it comes to keeping your skin clean and breakout-free. It works toВ deeply cleanse while it removes makeup, toxins, and impurities from your skin in just a few minutes. The coconut water hydrates, and the other salad-friendly ingredients nix inflammation, protect your skin from environmental damage, andВ promote microcirculation. Use it twice daily for all the goodness.


Г‰minence Tomato Oil-Control Gel $39Shop

Using tomatoes in your skincare can help in four vital ways-reducing inflammation, fighting signs of aging, clearing up breakouts, and protecting against sunburn. See, tomatoes contain an ultra-potent antioxidant called quercetin, salicylic acid, lycopene, as well as vitamins A, C, and EВ to fight against free radicals, clarify your skin, and ward off sun damage. Г‰minenceВ blended tomatoes with garlic in this particular gel to fight bacteria while it soothes and nourishes your skin. Perfect for oily skin types, the formula protects against future breakouts while it helps heal those you already have.

Indie Lee Brightening Cleanser $34Shop

Indie Lee's cult-favorite cleanser is a gel-to-foam formula which blends togetherВ strawberry seed oil, hydrolyzed wheat proteins, and tomato extracts help to strengthen, firm, and protect your skin.В And, it adds a sweetВ luminous glow. The combination offers up antioxidant properties and can even be used as an exfoliating mask to smooth any uneven texture and minimize the appearance of enlarged pores (just leave it on for five minutes before rinsing). Afterwards, you'll feel super silky and hydrated, trust.


Tata Harper Resurfacing Serum $88Shop

Tata Harper'sВ Resurfacing SerumВ ($88) contains nine acids (incredible), as well asВ tomato carotenoids. Carotenoids are known to absorb UVA and UVB and, when exposed to sunlight, they emit a green light (which neutralizes redness) to make your skin look brighter. They absorb sunlight and reflect that light across the skin like a prism to create the look of an even, bright skin tone. Plus, the product containsВ sevenВ sources of AHAs andВ two sources of BHAs, includingВ salicylic,В lactic, glycolic, citric, malic, and tartaric acids, which come from plant sources like meadowsweet, sugar maple, and bilberry to exfoliate your skin and encourage cell turnover.


Elemis Superfood Facial Oil $55Shop

ThisВ highly concentrated oil (seriously, a little goes a long way) is meant to feed your face with antioxidant and omega-rich ingredients to remedy pretty much all your skincare woes. TheВ blend of broccoli, flaxseed, and daikon radish boost stressed, dull skin and make it stronger and more supple with each application. Oh, and by the way,В it smells incredible.В Like a mix of herbs and whatever they rub on you at a fancy spa. The oil is super silky, absorbs quickly, andВ will absolutely give you the glow you've been lusting after.В Apply it after your favorite serum or moisturizer and give yourВ face a quick massage to encourage absorption and lymphatic drainage. Your skin will thank you for it.

Farmacy Brightening Coconut Gel Sheet Mask $6Shop

Farmacy has created an easy,В targeted solution for dull skin, all thanks to this supercharged, vegan face mask. Purple broccoli extract provides instant hydration and brightening benefits, while the sheer gel mask hugsВ your skin to help all the goodness penetrate effectively. The hero ingredient is "Echinacea GreenEnvy," a plant patented by the brand thatВ boastsВ 300% more natural antioxidants than regular echinacea-so expect a healthy-looking glow post-application.

High Five High Five Cannabis Seed Facial Moisturizer $40Shop

Boasting 20% cannabis sativa seed oil, as well as bioflavonoids including red grape, broccoli, and black cumin, this moisturizer acts as a balancing adaptogen to help calm, soothe, and protect your skin. It won't get you high, of course, but it willВ absorbВ quickly, hydrate your skin thoroughly (it has aloe, shea butter, and argon and coconut oils), noticeably brighten, and promote healthy skin function. FYI: You can use it on your body as well (I've been loving the added smoothness and glow on my shoulders and arms).

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