This Is What Real French Women Are Planning to Be for Halloween

Halloween isn't a big thing in France. It's celebrated occasionally by way of costume parties or stores using the holiday as a marketing ploy, but it isn't nearly as much of a spectacle as it is in the States. Though, as FrenchВ transplants have assimilated into American culture, so has their affinity for the spooky-fun holiday. And because we're admittedly fascinated by all things French, we were curious: What are French women planning to dress up as this year? From American staples to unexpected pop-culture references, below are some points of inspiration from some of the coolestВ women around.

Natalie Portman's Alice in Closer

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"I'm not the best atВ Halloween.В I've been going as Natalie Portman's character in Closer every year simply because I own that pink wig. And by that I mean, I'll only wear the wig and call it a day.В HalloweenВ isn't really a thing back home, so I guess I never really clicked with it moving to New York City four years ago." - ClГ©mence PolГЁs, founder ofВ Passerbuys

A Cat

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"This year, I plan on dressing up as a feline. I always find the leopard print and color to be just a little sexy (without revealing too much). The colors are flattering if you still have a light tan. For my hair, I will go for a very au naturel style, with a light curl just to give some movement and volume. For my nails, I plan to wear a color from the natural nail polish brand that I love these days named Sundays. The best part will be the shoes, ideally a pair of high-heeled suede brown boots (such as those that go slightly higher than the knee)." - ClГ©mence von Mueffling, founder and editor ofВ Beauty and Well Being

"Me and my roommate are going to dress up as each of our cats. My roommate is dressing up as our tuxedo cat, Koda, and I am dressing as our gray cat called Plastic Bag. I chose this costume because (and I am totally aware of how nuts this sounds) my cats are my little angels and I am so grateful for them. Also Plastic Bag is a very strange cat, so dressing as her should be fun.
"Since I'm going out for Halloween, I still want to make it look cool/easy to dance in, so I'm trying to figure out a way to keep the humor and also make it aesthetically pretty! I make all my costumes from scratch. I'll need a good pair of gray cat ears and lots of plastic bags and cellophane. I'm thinking I'll make a short skirt out of plastic bags and maybe a cellophane crop top? Still working out the details!" - Juliette G, MSAВ model

Brigitte Macron

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"It is undeniable that this year theВ FrenchВ womanВ who has been dominating the media attention is Brigitte Macron, the wife ofВ FrenchВ president Emmanuel Macron. Like her or not, she has a very definite style, and we can be certain that her style/costume will be dominant this year, from her well-known hairstyle to the length of her skirt. It will be a Brigitte Macron-esque costume for sure." - Marie-Laure Fournier, president ofВ Fournier PR + Consulting

Mireille Darc

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"AnotherВ FrenchВ icon left us not too long ago, Mireille Darc, who became famous for her statuesque bodyВ andВ of course the dress that she wore in Le Grand Blond. Even Guy Laroche paid homage to her dress during Paris fashion week this year. I am pretty sure that we will see tons of long black open-back dresses this year with a blond wig; it is a sexy and easy look to achieve and any Francophile will recognize it. I recommend it especially to single girls because I have rarely seen a dress having such an effect on any object of your desire." - Fournier

Wonder Woman


"Traditionally in France, Halloween costumes were more about the darker, ghoulish theme. This year, there will be a departure and a focus on strong female characters from current films and pop culture, such as WonderВ Woman, as well asВ French historical characters such as Esmeralda from The Hunchback of Notre Dame and even playful contemporary ones like Audrey Tautou from AmГ©lie." - Valerie Giraud founder ofВ Antonym Cosmetics

The Spice Girls

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"My girlfriends from France will come over to celebrate Halloween with me. We are going to find outfits to be the Spice Girls.В We don't know where we are getting our costumes from yet, but we might make them ourselves from some clothes and stuff we already have. We love the Spice Girls, so that is why! After, we are going to try to find a nice party to show off our outfits." - Delphine Breyne,В MSAВ model

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This story was originally published in October 2017.