Want Your Own Glam Squad Like Selena Gomez's? This Is How to Get One


I was recently chatting with Hung Vanngo, Selena Gomez's makeup artist, who was telling me that all the paparazzi in New York know who he is. They'll often follow him in the hope that he'll lead them to the singer. The thing is, nowadays, young Hollywood's glam squads are celebrities in their own right. The likes of Jen Atkin, Patrick Ta, and Vanngo need no introduction-we know them not only by association but by their handiwork. Even so, it's not just celebrities who can book a glam team to head to their home or hotel. Thanks to the Glam App, anyone can book a manicurist, makeup artist or hairstylist before a night out or special event.

Keep scrolling to read what happened when I put the app to the test.


I decided very last minute on a Wednesday evening that I wanted a gel manicure the next morning. I was keen to have the manicurist arrive at the office around 8:45 a.m. so I could squeeze it in before the start of my working day. I downloaded the app and created a login. So far, so easy. The app gives you three top-level options: Hair, Nails and Makeup. I tapped on Nails and was given a list of options including a polish (ВЈ22), acrylic (ВЈ62) and pedicure (ВЈ42). I tapped on gel mani. You can then select add-ons like cuticles, gel removal, nail art and even a massage. A manicurist, stylist or makeup artist can either arrive immediately or be booked for a future date, so it's essentially like beauty's answer to ride sharing. I selected the time and date I wanted. In the app, it said the appointment confirmation was pending, so I waited.

A little like with ride-sharing apps, you have to wait for one of the Glam team to accept the job. Sometimes this will be easy and a job will be accepted straight away. My colleague also booked in for a blow-dry and her appointment was pending for about 20 minutes; the stylist was trying to work out whether she could drop her kid at school and get to our office in time. She could, so she accepted the job. For me, I had an email from the very friendly and professional Glam app team to say they had a brilliant manicurist available, but could I do 8:30 a.m.? I was happy with that, so it was booked. Had I not been, I'm confident that the team would have found someone else. It's like a beauty concierge-they're happy to sort appointments 24/7. The app is available in London but they're happy to service people further out. Essentially, if you don't ask, you don't get.

The next morning, my manicurist, Kadimah (@kaywestnails), was incredibly punctual and was set up and ready to go within five minutes. Turns out when she isn't working for the Glam App, she works at Wah Nails in SoHo. She tidied my cuticles and gave me quite possibly the quickest and best gel manicure I have ever had. I often go to a local salon where the Shellac manis are always on offer but they're never quite perfect; this, on the other hand, was. And she had me back at my desk and ready to work within 35 minutes. My colleague who had the blow-dry was so happy that she has booked in with her since.

All in all, I'm hooked on the Glam App. Just call me Selena.

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