This Shower Mistake Is Giving You Bacne, Says Kendall Jenner's Dermatologist

Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

Battling body acne can often feel like an endless, immensely frustrating game of Whac-A-Mole: Just when you've finally managed to clear one blemish up, you notice another one forming several inches away. (And why is it that they always decide to surface in that impossible-to-reach spot in the middle of my back?) Having an effective treatment on hand is always key, especially during prime skin-baring season-Stacked Skincare Multi-Acid Body Peel ($150) currently has a prime spot on my bathroom counter for this reason.

But prevention is always the ultimate goal-especially if, say, your name is Kendall Jenner, and you might need to wear a backless couture gown on the red carpet or pose for Instagram in an itty-bitty bikini at a moment's notice. Fortunately for us, Jenner invited her go-to dermatologist, Christie Kidd, MD, to share some pointers on her app for keeping bacne at bay. The biggest takeaway: It's time to rethink our shower routine.

Many of us like to scrub, shave, and tend to any other bodily hygiene as our conditioner soaks in-and–í then we rinse out the hair product before going on our way. The problem with this, Kidd says, is that we're that much more likely to step out of the shower with conditioner residue on our bodies, and hair ingredients are notorious for irritating our skin.

But the fix is pretty simple: Just give yourself another quick scrub with body wash after rinsing your conditioner out, and you might prevent those stubborn blemishes from surfacing at all. Great news for swimsuit season-and all those backless couture gowns hiding in your closet.

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