The Hair Transformations That Took 7 Models' Careers to the Next Level

In the world of modeling, your look is what defines your success. Your walk and your energy make an impact, but the first thing to make an impression on and off the runway is the first thing we see. There's a reason models are constantly switching up their hair through cuts and color for a fresh take on beauty each season. Until suddenly, something clicks, and their bold new aesthetic catapults their career-suddenly they're in demand with casting directors and designers, and they're booking every show.

You're probably familiar with that old Coco Chanel quote, "a woman who cuts her hair is about to change her life." For the most successful models, these wise words couldn't ring truer. For O.G. supermodel Linda Evangelista, her first dive into what became an endless parade of daring new 'dos is what catapulted her into the spotlight. For Karlie Kloss and Arizona Muse, chopping off their long locks was the ticket to take them from girl next door to ruling every fashion week runway. We've rounded up the model makeovers that made these women household names. Keep scrolling to see the hair transformations that took seven models' careers to the next level, and swipe the button to the right to see how they looked before their big break.