The "World's Most Beautiful Girl" Is All Grown Up and a Model

Even though beauty is definitelyВ not universal or objective, Thylane BlondeauВ was unofficially given the title of the "world's most beautiful girl" when her picture circulated the Internet some years ago. At the time, she was just six years old, though she had already been modeling for two years. (Seriously, when she was only four years old, she walked theВ Jean Paul Gautier runway. How's that for starting your career early?).В

Now, she's all grown up and sitting front row at major fashion events. Just this past week, she attended the Michael Kors s/s 18 show, where she posed for cameras. She looks beautiful, and very similar to the way she did in years past, though we were most struck by her resemblance to another famous model: Barbara Palvin. Keep scrolling to see the photos and tell if you can spot the difference!

This is a recent photo of Blondeau that she posted to her Instagram account.В She looks just as beautiful as she did 10 years ago, with the same blue eyes and long amber hair. But she also looks super similar to the Hungarian supermodel Barbara Palvin, who you might recognize from a number of different ad campaigns, runways, and the like. At least we think so. To see for yourself, check out this picture of Palvin, below.В

What do you think? Isn't the resemblance uncanny? If we didn't have both of their Instagram accounts pulled up at the same time, we honestly don't know if we could tell them apart. Both share icy blue eyes, strong and arched brows, and similar light brown hair.В These two models, themselves, are aware of their doppelgГ¤nger looks. Blondeau even posted a picture of both of themВ to Instagram, captioning it "My twin."В

While Palvin has modeled internationally for a large numberВ of major brands, Blondeau is lesser known (at least stateside). However, she's featured in the new Dolce and Gabbana campaign, so keep an eye out for her there.В

Do you think they look similar? Let us know in the comments! Then, read up on the #1 hair trend from New York Fashion Week!