Stop Everything-People Are Now Eating Charcoal to Lose Weight

We do a lot of dubious things in the name of better health-drink juice for days on end, pour green powder into everything, hold poses in sweltering temperatures, and the list goes on. One thing we can confidently say we've never, ever considered, however, involves us putting charcoal anywhere near the vicinity of our mouths. But perhaps that's about to change. According to Business Insider, people are now turning to activated charcoal as a health cure-all, in the hopes that it'll do everything from “detoxing” their body (perhaps the most vague health concept of all time) to improving their skin and curing a hangover. Never mind the fact that there is absolutely no scientific evidence to prove activated charcoal can achieve any of these benefits, or the fact that a quick Internet search proves that it's usually only used to treat accidental poisonings or drug overdoses. Advocates say that the super-fine particles suck everything in your stomach to it-the problem is, doctors say it can suck out the good as well as the bad.


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