8 DIY Beauty Gifts You Can Make at the Last Minute

We get it. Life around the holidays can get a little chaotic. Between fast-approachingВ end-of-year projects, countless get-togethers, traveling, and the inevitable amount of time you're clocking in the kitchen, holiday shopping can easily get pushed further and further down on that dreaded (and never-ending) to-do list. Worst-case scenario? It's the night before a work soirГ©e or family gift exchange and you're not only empty-handed but you're also completely uninspired to fight the insanity that is the pre-holiday shopping mall (cue the shudders). Luckily for you, there are plenty of lush beauty gifts that you can DIY right at home. Created with ingredients that you already have on hand, (or that you can easily pick up at your local Whole Foods), these last-minute gift ideas are as fun to whip up as they will be to use-in fact, you might not want to part ways.

Keep scrolling for our favorite beauty-inspired DIYs to give your loved ones this holiday season!

Kath Eats

Honey Lavender Lip Balm and Hand Salve

This heavenly scentedВ (and super-moisturizing) beauty duoВ is a gift that keeps on giving. The main ingredient in both the balm and the hand salve? Coconut oil. We don't think we have to rationalize our obsession.

Martha Stewart

Essential Oil Bath Fizzes

Something about these bubbly bath bombsВ completely tickles the child within. Not only are they super easy to make and super customizableВ (we're personally dreaming of jasmine, eucalyptus, and rose), but they basically force the lucky receiver to take a few moments out the day for themselves. An excuse for some much-needed relaxation and indulgence? We can't think of anything better.

Ali Express

Hair Chalk

Soaps, balms, and scrubs are all delicious things, but what about that friend who epitomizes edge and is constantly experimenting with her look (thus making her practically impossible to shop for)? Enter: homemade hair chalk. This brilliant (and all-natural) homemade recipe is perfect for the gal who is a serial color addict, but who is also totally noncommittal. Encourage her playful side this holiday season by creating a personal color palette-one you customize just for her. Pinks and light teals look beautiful on blonds while deep purples and blues are great for darker-hued locks.

Homemade Beauty

Homemade Body Shimmer

Finding a gift for your squad's resident bombshell is no easy feat-especially when you're short on time and cash. Fear not-this shimmer-infused body butterВ can be whipped up on the fly-boasting results that, in our humble opinion, are even more stunning than the formula's store-bought (and super pricey!) counterparts.

Rosie May

Manuka Honey Face Mask Kit

Sometimes the simplest solution for our seasonally temperamental skin is some well-deserved TLC-utilizing some of nature's most luxurious and glow-inducing ingredients. This winter, we've been addicted to manuka-based face masks. Our dull, dry, and nutrient-starved complexions are worshipping these three holistic-inspired variations. Instead of mixing and packaging them up ahead of time, we love the idea of making a kit of all the essentials-honey (Wedderspoon 100% Raw Manuka HoneyВ $21 packs the fiercest punch), rosewater, and small pots each of spirulina, cinnamon, and turmeric (all in powder form). The finishing touch? Pretty packaging and a handwritten note that includes the super-simple recipes. The holistic-loving, low-maintenance gal on your list will love you for it.

Ever Mine

Faux-Snow Foot Soak

We'll admit that this time of year our feet get seriously neglected. After all, unlike the warm months of summer, our dried and cracked soles are safe from sight, tucked away in our boots and booties. Even though they may not be on full display, our soles are in dire need of some pampering. Cold temperatures and pinched toes make for aches, pains, and a whole lot of ugly (just saying). Treat someone special to this spa-level foot soakВ infused with herbs, Epsom salts, and a dreamy combination of essential oils. Not only will it relieve pain and restore skin, but it's also equally as pretty to look at-reminiscent of glittering snow, no?

Nutrition Stripped

Rosewater Spray

RosewaterВ is a beauty powerhouse. It refreshes, soothes, cools, and hydrates skin. Who knew something so effective would be so easy to DIY?В Depending on how much rosewater you want to end with, tear rose petals straight from the flower. Add them to a saucepan, and let them simmer until the color leaves the petals. Combine the water with three tbsp. of jojoba oil, or any other type of oil you prefer. It's that easy. Bottle it up with a little bow and gift it with a couple of roses. It's a DIY that's practically made for Instagram.

Gimme Some Oven

Coffee Body Scrub

Here at Byrdie, we love coffee scrubs. We've been fans of the heavy duty exfoliant since the original Frank Original Body ScrubВ ($17) was introduced to us on Instagram accounts everywhere. If you don't have the time or patience for holiday shipping (let's be real, those post office lines are out of control this time of year), then roll up your sleeves to create this equally effective DIY. Simply combine coffee grounds, sugar, and oil (we're partial to Trader Joe's Organic Virgin Coconut Oil $14), and you have a totally cute, totally giftable jar of exfoliant. For bonus points,В package in a clear mason jar so everyone can see the gritty, caffeinated goodness inside.В

Opening Image: Kate La Vie