Ariana Grande's New Tattoo May Be a Cover-Up, But It's Still Adorable

Getty Images / Jeff Kravitz

It goes without saying that we regularly stalk celebrities for tattoo inspiration, and more often than not we leave their Instagram feeds desperately trying to book in for our own. What can we say? We're easily influenced. And there's definitely a few celebrities we go back to time and time again to see what ink they've added to their body, and Ariana Grande is one of them.

Grande's no stranger to a tattoo, in fact, she supposedly has 24 all over her body. From words to moon symbols, she's inked all over in the subtlest way. Perhaps some of her most obvious tattoos are the hearts on her fingers, which until recently were just thin outlines. Well, they look slightly different now, and according to Cosmopolitan, it's to mark her break up from Pete Davidson. The once empty heart is now filled in with black ink and has a cute arrow going through it. Break-up tattoo or not, it's still adorable.

See the before and after below (you have to look closely to spot the difference).



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Lucy Hale'sВ small vintage light bulb is located just above her elbow and it's equal amounts dainty and detailed. It's so minimal you might just miss it, and in the perfect location to have on show teamed with T-shirts or to hide under winter knits. Hale was tattooed by celebrity favourite Doctor Woo, who has inked everyone from Miley Cyrus to Cara Delevingne.В


Dakota Johnson'sВ perfectly imperfect tattoo just got bumped to the top of our tattoo wish list. We love the fine lines and small details within the centre of the flower, it's one we'll be adding to our tattoo list for sure.В


While it may be hard to see, Bella Hadid'sВ tiny rose petal tattoo sits perfectly on her upper arm. It's dainty, and exactly the type of tattoo a first-timer should get.В


Another Doctor Woo tattoo, Cara DelevigneВ showcased her latest tattoo (she has many) on Instagram. We love the contrasting details on this beautiful elephant design. Look closely and you'll see one side is filled out, whereas the other is a combination of fine-line circles. We love how abstract it is.В


If you look close enough, you can just about make out Hailey Baldwin'sВ intricate cross tattoo on her neck. If you're unsure about getting a tattoo but have the urge, book in for something like Baldwin's cross-picture this, you tie your hair up and it's visable, but hair down and no one can see. Clever, right?В

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