5 Genius Tricks That Will Change Your Shaving Game Forever

Knicks, cuts, ingrown hairs-shaving may lead to smoother skin, but the process of getting there isn't always pretty. Luckily, we've got a couple tricks up our sleeve.

Keep flipping throughВ for 5 genius shaving tricks you'll be so glad you have under your belt!В

Trick #1: Brighten

If you shave your bikini area or underarmsВ often, you may notice the skin around that area darkening-you can thank friction for that. Esthetician Jodi Shays suggests using products with brightening ingredients, like licorice, kojic acid, or AHA and BHA acids, after a wax or shave to lighten the area. If you have sensitive skin, wait a couple of hours before using AHA or BHAs, so your skin has time to recover.


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Trick #2: Time Your Shave

If you tend to reach for the razor right when you get in the shower, be patient-shaving at the end of your shower will allow the steam and warm water to soften your hairs and open up your pores. In other words-a gentler, smoother shave.В After your shower, just follow your shave with a nourishing lotion, like Dr. Hauschka's Rose Body Moisturizer ($40).

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Trick #3: Shave At Night

When given a choice, always try to shave in the p.m. Why? Shaving exfoliates your skin, so just like how you would exfoliate your face at night to allow your skin time to recover, shaving at night will allow your legs (or underarms, or bikini area) ample time to heal.В

Trick #4: Shave Down, Then Up

Shaving should be a two-step process. First, you should shave in the direction that your hair is growing-not only does this reduce the risk of ingrown hairs, but it's a gentler shave and will help you avoid nicks and cuts. Only after doing this, should you go “against the grain” and shave against the direction your hair grows (make sure to re-apply shaving lotion or some sort of emollient between each step, too!).В


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Trick #5: Exfoliate First, Not After

Always, always exfoliate before you shave-doing so will ensure a smoother shave, and allow your razor to glide along more easily. Since shaving itself will exfoliate your skin, you can skip exfoliating for a few days afterwards and allow your skin to heal. Over-exfoliating sensitive skin-especially in the bikini area-can lead to irritation and even infection, so don't get too scrub-happy.В We love Lather's Forbidden Rice Scrub ($21) because it smells amazing, has just the right amount of grit, and leaves your skin ridiculously soft.

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