The Best Short Haircuts for Every Texture

If the gaggle of celebrities who can't stop cutting their hair is making you consider going for the big chop too, then you're in the right place. There's a short haircut for everyone; you just have to find the one that's right for your hair type-or you could let us take care of that for you. We collected eight of the most popular short haircutsВ and split them up based on texture. We even included photos as inspiration so you can take them straight to the salon.В

Below, find all the best short haircuts for every type and texture, and the reasons you'll love them. If you do end up cutting your hair,В DM us the results on Instagram. We can't wait to see your new look. Keep scrolling for all the celeb-approved options.

Frederick M. Brown/Getty

Classic Pixie

Best for: thick hair and straight hair

The classic pixie works best on thick hair because the hair naturally has body. If your hair is super fine, the style falls too close to the scalp.

Frederick M. Brown/Getty

Shaggy Pixie

Best for: thick hair, curly hair,В and wavy hair

The shaggy pixie varies in length, which gives the hair extra volume and movement at the top. It looks best on hair that has some texture. On hair that's too thin or straight, it can come across as a little harsh.

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Layered Afro

Best for: curly hair

Tight curls and short cuts don't always mix, but a layered afro never fails. The layers remove weight that can make the style droop.

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Graduated Bob

Best for: wavyВ hair

Slightly shorter in the back with ends that are a little choppy, the graduated bob plays up wavy hair's natural texture beautifully. You get lift at the crown and a soft shape at the bottom without the mushroom effect.

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Unstructured Bob

Best for: thin hair and wavy hair

If you have thin hair, you can still rock a bob-just make sure it has plenty of layers to keep the style from falling flat. And avoid blunt ends, which can make bobs look a little too sweet.

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Asymmetrical Crop

Best for: thick hair and straight hair

The asymmetrical crop is basically a layered pixie cut that leaves length at the front to create long, side-sweeping bangs. It requires a bit more confidence, but for thick hair and straight hair it definitely pays off.

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Best for:В straight hair

This classic cut is just about as short as they come, but it's still soft and feminine on straight hair. Just be sure to keep the ends wispy-sharp angles will read too spiky.

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Long Bob

Best for: all hair types

And finally the lob-the magical haircut that works on virtually every texture and every face shape. It is a style that is a go-to for anyone looking for a celeb-worthy mane.