15 Short, Layered Haircuts for Every Hair Texture

Layers have had a roller coaster of a reputation over the years. WhenВ The Rachel-whichВ FriendsВ actress Jennifer Aniston made famous in the mid-1990s-took center stage, layers were all the rage. That piecey, face-framing style was all anyone wanted. Then, as tends to happen, the pendulumВ swung in the other direction and the style began to look dated. TheВ early 2000sВ were mostly filled with straight, mono-length hair. Now, with modernВ techniques and a renewed love for natural texture, layers are back, and we're thinking they'll be around for good.В

With that in mind, we took to Instagram to find our favorite celebrity hairstylists' most enviable images of short, layered haircuts. They can beef up a style for those with thin hair, add body toВ straight pieces, and evenВ up the depth and volumeВ for natural curls. The dimension they create withВ highlighted hairВ is nothing short of stunning. See below for some inspiration to take with you to the salon.

ModelВ Alanna Arrington has some of the most covetable curls in the business. She keeps the curl pattern bouncy and gorgeous by cutting layers into her shag and curls her bangs towards the front.

Anh Co Tran has made a legacy out of his layered bobs and lobs-using the layered pieces as a way to add dimension, movement, and texture to each look.В

Though layers can really help add heft to thin hairstyles, they're just as gorgeous on tightly coiled curls. It adds shape to the style and allows for hundreds of ways to play with your look.

If your hair is naturally curly but your curl pattern is a bit looser, it adds even more volume and stunning lift.

Layers also offer up even more visibility for your color. If you have highlights, the movement and texture created by the layers will allow the deviations in your color to look even cooler.

Remember what we said about volume? This is aВ perfect example of braided layers and how they can pump up your look for really beautiful fullness.В

The shag is without a doubt one of the coolest haircuts for the season (and forever, IMHO). It adds grit toВ your look. The way to get it? Lots of layers.

Another perfect shag for your viewing pleasure, only this time with bangs.В

For a shorter curly crop, layers in the front will add a lightness to the back and face-framingВ volume around your face.

And for straight hair as well.В

For really full afro styles, layers are crucial. Here,В Susan Oludele (who routinely styles Solange, by the way) created this awe-inspiringВ layered crochet wig.

This naturally curly shag is even more incredible because of the variation in color. There's so much dimension, so much movement, and it makes us want to curl our hair and chop it all off immediately-and then hit up Ramirez Tran to copy the color.В

For a cut that hangs at chin level, layers are particularly beautiful. They add an interesting, natural-looking vibe to a cut that allows for fewer options than long hair.В

Olivia Culpo demonstrates how pieceyВ layers can look with this covetable wet-look 'do.

Lucy Hale, Hollywood's resident hair chameleon, has gone bronde and layered this month, and we're feeling it.В

FYI: TheВ Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen's hairstylist made my thin hair look way thicker with this $6 product.